Your workspace should be the place you can go to to get your creative juices flowing and be at your most productive. Too often, people are working in an uninspiring, lifeless environment that only stunts their creativity. Today we will take a look at some great tips to optimize your workspace to achieve maximum creativity.

Know how you work best

One of the simplest and easiest ways to make a creative workspace is by knowing yourself. For example, do you work better in a bustling or quiet environment? Do you prefer working in cooler rooms than hot rooms? The most important thing to remember, when setting up a creative workspace, is that it should be designed around you and how you like to work. Before you start, create a list of your likes and dislikes to use as a basis to set up your workspace.


Seagull Table Lamp

Spending eight or more hours a day working in a dull, uninspiring office can leave you feeling exactly that – dull and uninspired. Bright and airy workspaces are the best kind of workspaces to get inspired in so try to make the most of the natural light in your office. Set up your desk next to the window to ensure you get optimum light where you need it most. Remember to take into consideration the positioning of your computer though, or you may end up with an annoying glare on the screen.

Get organized

As the saying goes, a tidy desk is a tidy mind. Keep your desk in order by investing in a desktop tidy. Go for one with lots of different shaped and sized compartments to house everything that is cluttering up your desk. Your office will instantly look more organized and more appealing with just this one simple item. Use shelves and drawers to store away unsightly folders and make your workspace look more streamline.

Create an idea wall

With so many ideas racing around your mind whilst at work, it is often good to have an outlet for them. Place a pin board within easy reach of your desk and use it to stick all your ideas to. This will ensure that no ideas slip away. This trick will also improve your creative thought process too.

Avoid clocks

Lithe Clock

Not only will a loud ticking clock distract you from your work, it will probably drive you insane in the process. Avoid placing a clock in front of your desk as you will find yourself continually counting down the seconds until you can leave, and your creativity will hit an all-time low. Instead, place the clock somewhere out of vision so you have to move to check the time. This way you are less likely to get distracted.

Don’t waste time

Adobe recently launched their Creative Cloud, a new desktop application that will help you improve creativity in your workspace. The Creative Cloud remembers your preferences and settings for Adobe applications, like Photoshop, and stores them within the application. When working on a different computer in the office or at home, simply log onto the Creative Cloud and sync your pre-existing settings. No longer having to spend time altering settings, this app leaves you more time to be creative and productive.

Pick the right color

Believe it or not, the color of your workspace can actually affect how creative you are. Blue is the best choice for an office, as it inspires clarity and creativity. Also, it is believed to have a calming effect which could be useful if you are prone to getting stressed. Yellow is another good color to use in an office. Go for a pale yellow as it has connotations of happiness and vitality, while remaining discreet and subtle.

There are certain colors to exclude from your workspace too. Avoid red as it can be overpowering and is often linked with irritability. White should be avoided as well, it can often seem sterile and isolating.

Listen to music

Some people find that they work best and are most creative when they have music playing in the background. The problem is that every single genre will not work with this trick. Therefore it is important to select your music carefully. Go for music that you enjoy but that will also work well in the background (something without vocals). Loud, intruding songs like heavy metal music will more than likely distract you, so try to leave them out of your playlists.

Decorate with artwork

W Art Print by Alessandro Pautasso

Working in a plain-walled workspace can often be uninspiring. Choose your artwork carefully. Try to avoid generic, mass-produced artwork as these can often be uninspiring. Whether it’s idyllic landscapes or photos of your family and pets, select images that you like and that most inspire you. I personally prefer abstract paintings because I see something different each time I admire them.

A number of companies offer personalized canvas prints, which will add a personal touch to your office. Be careful not to overwhelm your office with pictures though, as you risk spending more time staring at them than actually working.

Dress appropriately

The way you dress is just as important as how you furnish your workspace. This is especially true for those of you who are working from home. While you may be comfortable, heading to the home office in your pajamas or your snuggly dressing gown will leave you feeling lethargic and unmotivated. Getting dressed in presentable clothing will leave you feeling ready to work.

Follow these top tips and you will see a dramatic improvement in your creative flow.

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Autumn Wiberg has a keen interest in interior design. She regularly writes about handy office solutions for Viking, a leading supplier of office equipment throughout the world.

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