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One can never describe something to be 100 percent perfect. Reason? There will always be some room for refinement. Take for instance us. We may have a similar routine for each day- wake up in the morning, take a shower, have breakfast, go to work, get back from work in the evening, have supper and go to bed- then the same routine the next day.

However, you may feel that one day is better than the others by simply tweaking a few habits for example choosing to walk to work instead of driving to work or maybe going out to lunch at a nearby café for your lunch-break from work instead of having your usual packed lunch or something as minor as using a new shower gel brand.

Design world on the other hand is among the ever evolving industries and designers are usually faced with the daunting task of generating unique designs each time especially for those who have been in the scene for so long. The desire to come up with cool logos leads to mixing things up and trying out new ideas. After all, you cannot rely on the same idea over and over again. Every now and then, change could be just the thing that could upgrade your style.

Everyone desire to achieve ‘perfection’ or those moments of great fulfillment and while contemplating about it we conclude; today was a good day, my prayers have been answered, it’s my lucky day or I did enough research on the food logos and all other reasons we can think of that are only visible on the surface. What we tend to forget is that besides all such mysterious or supernatural reasons it could be something that lies within our grasp, which is being at our best.

We cannot often rely on luck or circumstances all the time to regenerate such moments, but we can always rely on the power within us to obtain success at all times. This is what it means to be Personally Effective. There are several theories surrounding ‘Personal Effectiveness’ which go beyond accomplishing tasks and setting goals.


How to generate cool designs

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Having basic design knowledge is the basic foundation to achieving success. The same way you cannot partake in professional sports without knowledge of the rules, is the same way you cannot start building your name in the field without knowing its most fundamental concepts. First, master the basics before you can inject other fresh ideas.

Most designers find comfort in havoc. However, havoc can also lead to a lot of design problems. Therefore, a bit of self-organizational skills could go a long way? Avoid destructions or activities that will lead to postponing of design projects or meetings with clients. Most times postponing takes place due to laziness, fear of embarking on a new project or dislike for the project. Instead, focus more on beating deadlines that will bring about immense pleasure and a feeling of victory.

Simply because you are innovative and creative does not imply you can take over the design industry. As much as creativity and innovativeness are most crucial components to designing, there are several other key ingredients to the designing recipe.

As much you are a good designer you also need to be a good listener. Listen to and contemplate the feedback you receive from your workmates, clients, friends or fellow designers. Aside from boosting your relationship skills, you will also receive some great ideas that may lead to generation of more unique designs. But not every opinion is worthwhile. Be careful not to be a crowd pleaser.

Do not hesitate to take the plunge. The good news is designers are allowed to break the rules however much they can. This way, your natural ingenuity and creativity will surface. With every tryout comes a new design formulation. Besides, you can never be innovative if you keep doing in the same manner right?

Resources are important especially when it comes to finding inspiration. The good news is that there are numerous free resources that you can take advantage of online such as free grammar checker and coursework help to design a one-of-a-kind bakery logo or fitness logos among others. Other than inspiration, resourcing also opens an opportunity for further learning since designers never stop learning.


“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” – Anthony J. D’Anjelo 


Remember, every failure or success is a learning opportunity and the more you learn the more you expand your idea scope. To be the best designer, you always have to adjust to new emerging trends. As a matter of fact, change is often triggered by designers if only to keep their innovation and creativity alive. With change being the only constant in our lives, it is also inevitable on a personal level.

rad wooden texture

Figuring out which texture to apply your coffee logo can be tricky just like figuring out which career you wish to pursue immediately after graduation. Natural instincts take time to develop. Therefore, when making a decision, you need to decide on what you prefer the most. As time elapses keep in mind the lessons that direct you to your natural self. These experiences will mold your personal preferences and dislikes. This will establish your opinion, beliefs and values that are vital to identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

Sometimes things may not work out how you envisioned them to. In such an instance when a client rejects your work, take responsibility, just as you would after successfully finalizing the deal with a prospective client of yours instead of resorting to rage. Take a minute to cool down, recollect your thoughts and then take ownership of the rejected work and try to improve on it. Personal effectiveness is not only necessary in generating a good outlook and interacting well with people. It is crucial for the holistic growth of the body, mind and soul.

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