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YouTube is a powerful mix of social and visual joined together as a platform. If your business is web-design, YouTube promotion is a first choice, even before a traditional blog. People seek YouTube for quick access to entertainment and to experts’ advice, so here is the place to share knowledge and expose your portfolio to billions of viewers. Some of the folks in the design branch have already developed a strong YouTube presence. Read on to find out how you can be the next big thing.

First things first: do not to treat your YouTube channel as a dumping ground for some old tutorials you don’t want to keep on the hard disk anymore. Shape your image with care, from the appearance of your channel to the quality of videos. A good YouTube channel grows a network of fans that eventually pump up the fame of your brand and turn into leads for your business.

The route of branding yourself on YouTube goes something like this: casual visitors – useful and catchy video – entertained and informed viewers – satisfaction – interest aroused over your channel and business – engaged customers. And the cycle goes on and on, with each new broadcast. For inspiration, let’s have a look over some real life examples of outstanding YouTube channels held by designers.


This guy is an example of self-made YouTube glory in the design branch. Uploading quality tutorials on Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver, he managed to gain over 129,000 subscribers in 6 years. And his blog is also doing well, with PR 6. He is currently 20 years old.


AbstractGraffiti is a collective channel held by a team of graphic design devotees. They not only feature their creations, but also offer exposure for other graphic designers and GFX enthusiasts, so they managed to polarize a distinctive community around their channel.


The collection of Photoshop tutorials provided here has built quite an outstanding notoriety for the channel and makes a good endorsement to the company’s blog. The channel has 179,310 subscribers and counting.

So where to start from in order to put your own channel into the spotlight and gain more subscribers? Here are some useful tips.

Quality videos go first.

This is the basic principle – the better your videos are the more views you get. Speak over the topics you enjoy and have knowledge about. It’s hard work, but rewarding too. If your domain is large (e.g. Illustrator or CSS) you can try a serial on subtopics. The main value-adding factors for your videos are content relevance, authenticity and aesthetic perfection.

Customize your channel.

Your channel has to be an outstanding presence with a personal message people remember. If you already have a brand for your blog or band, it’s piece of cake – just adapt the look and feel of your channel to fit your overall image, using the new YouTube design.

Do some video SEO.

There are three main places you can use keywords with your videos: the video title, description and tags. To rank better, you can include a transcription of the video text or song lyrics in the description. Use annotations too, as they are great means of providing links to other YouTube videos.

Be an active member of YouTube community and go social.

Find channels that relate to your own topics and post video responses. Make a commitment to leave only positive, quality comments. Also, link your YouTube account with Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, to share your updates instantly on all channels. Whenever possible, post relevant videos of yours on forums and bookmarking sites, it’s a great way to get seen.

Have a feedback form for YouTube videos.

This is a great way of interacting with your viewers – a form that will gather their feedback. Think of the times you have asked your friends “Do you like my video? What should I improve?” By posting the link to a form in the video description, you can have answers over all the topics that you are concerned about. And you also receive contact details for sending updates to your visitors. Check out this tutorial on YT feedback forms:

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