Whether your website is large or small, the focus is the same: knowing your customer. You can then tailor your site and online shopping experience according to their needs and requirement. A positive online purchase experience will begin with a beautiful, functional design, but could easily end or be abandoned due to a weak shopping cart or checking-out system.

What is a Plugin?


In order to sell merchandise or other products on the Internet, you need a way for customers to safely make payments through your website. A plugin is also known as an add-on, or a small piece of software that adds functionality to your website. One of the most easily-recognizable plugins is Adobe Flash, which, if kept properly updated, allows your browser to display Flash animations. Browsers were originally designed for text and basic html, so plugins allow your browser to display supplementary content. The category of ecommerce plugins acts as the basis for buying and selling items online.

Consider Your Customer

A business selling to other businesses will have a much different marketing strategy than a business selling to individuals. By knowing your target audience, you can best alter your design, content, and upkeep to attract their attention and maintain a strong customer base. This includes your inventory page, available supplementary or contact information, and check-out process.

Individual customers can shop online at their convenience. This means you need to keep the site functional and updated at all times. Add new merchandise or refresh descriptions at targeted times, not just first thing Monday morning. Be willing to (virtually) meet your customer when they shop, whether that means running a weekend sale, updating content in the middle of the week or the evening, or simply waiting to run site maintenance until an off-peak time.

What Are the Benefits?

By finding the best ecommerce plugin for wordpress, you will enable your customers to enjoy the ease and convenience of online shopping with added security and protection. If you are interested, you can even adapt your website for use in a mobile browser or phone application.

WordPress has been built by volunteers, it is completely free, open source. The best part is that it integrates plugins and themes to customize the functionality on the back end and the appearance on the front end. Some plugins offer around-the-clock technical support in case of site malfunctions or glitches. With strong tech resources, you will be free to focus your time and energy on other aspects of your website and company in general.

If you are looking for enhanced safety and other bonus features, you may want to invest in a larger plugin program rather than a more basic one. Some added features you may run across and decide you want to incorporate are page translations for international shoppers, instant in-site analytics and sales data reports, and mobile shopping support. Find a shopping cart program that will offer a high rate of encryption for credit cards to ensure payments are processed securely. Many programs integrate with numerous compatible payment gateways (such as PayPal and Google Checkout), which allow your store to accept credit cards.

When you are ready to add a plugin, it does not mean facing a long or difficult process to make it work correctly. Most plugins will begin downloading immediately and may take only a few minutes to complete. Many of these will integrate themselves into your existing website, or offer concise instructions for a smooth transition. Many templates are available for simple customization, so adding new products should be a breeze. Focus on the shopping cart or basket, as most customers simply want a quick and secure check-out experience.

Customizing the Shopping Experience


Consider using large, functional pictures that will give your customer a personal view of the product. Make sure your product descriptions are detailed without being wordy. Many websites add an option for customer reviews, which can help keep your site relevant and fresh. Across the site, preexisting design templates can be tweaked and reworked, no matter your preferences and the function of your site.

An overall website theme can be applied to help keep your pages consistent, which is especially important for visitors looking at your inventory.  As previously mentioned, make sure your check-out process is simple and appealing. Ensuring a customer can easily complete their purchases will help reduce the number of abandoned carts or baskets.

Build the overall strength of your website by adding unique touches and applications elsewhere. In addition to the adding an ecommerce plugin for secure shopping, you can add a custom plugin to help further enhance the online store or other areas of your website, with tools to help you create tables, add design elements, or include interactive features.

The Bottom Line

If you are ready to sell items online, help people find and buy what they are looking for by using the best WordPress ecommerce plugin available for your website and products.

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