If you are looking for a design agency to create a new website for your company, assist with a new identity and branding or perhaps to design and supply some printed literature, you need to make sure you are choosing the right graphic design company for the job. With many agencies available it isn’t simple the lowest price you should be looking for; continue on as the areas you should be paying attention to are discussed.


It is always worth doing a bit of research into how long the design agency you are considering have been established for. A combination of tough economic times and a competitive industry means that those companies who have been around for years on end are likely to offer great quality and fantastic customer service. This is not to say that newer design agencies don’t have their advantages too; design is a fast moving industry, so new companies may have a better understanding of the latest trends in design, creating something really fresh and innovative for your company.


Any company will undoubtedly paint themselves in the best possible light, therefore to get a true overview of their quality and level of customer care it is best to get in touch with previous clients they have dealt with. A reputable design company will be happy to give you a few contact details of previous clients that you can have a chat with before making your final decision.


Looking at examples of previous work will help to get an accurate feel of the expertise possessed by the company, but you should also be paying attention to the diversity of style showcased within their portfolio. If they are simply showing you contemporary websites and you are looking for an agency able to provide a more traditional design, the chances are you could be setting yourself up for disappointment by choosing them.

Variety of Service

Even if you are looking for a specific area of design, choosing a company that offers a variety of services for both digital and print is highly beneficial. The reason for this is because if you are impressed by their work, later down the line you may wish to replicate a design elsewhere (e.g. the website design they created might be needed for printed material), something which will be more efficient and accurate if handled by the same company you know.

Before choosing a graphic design agency, make sure you are researching potential candidates thoroughly to increase the chances of a finished result that ticks all of your boxes in terms of quality, customer care and value for money.

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Posted by Sophie Baker Britton

Sophie has experience in working with multiple design companies and believes that the best graphic design agency is one who offers experience without being dated together with unrivalled skill and a diverse array of services.

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