After getting involved in forex trading, you may want to come up with your forex trading system. Basically, this consists of rules that will be your guide as you trade. It helps you save time since you won’t have to think hard when entering and exiting your trades. The moment you’ve created a good system, you’ll have the luxury of sitting back and wait for predetermined signals to make a trade.


Determine your timeframes

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Depending on the kind of trader you are, you will select your timeframes. If you are used to shorter trades that close down quickly, you can choose several timeframes but you also need to have sufficient time to execute the trades.

On the other hand, longer time frames are less intensive but you need the patience to wait for long periods before trading. For most people, the mid-timeframe is quite popular since you can use it for almost any trade.

There is no bad or good timeframe but the most important aspect when choosing a timeframe is the time you can spend on the trades. As such, don’t select a timeframe because it is popular with a group of traders. On the contrary, you should select something that suits your style.


Risk management

Whether you are a newbie or seasoned trader, you need to incorporate a risk management plan into your forex trading system. This implies that you have to decide the amount of money you will be allocated to a trade. In order to be successful, you need to be very consistent when making the allocations.

In a nutshell, this isn’t a simple task because you won’t be choosing random figures. On the contrary, you have to consider various factors before making a decision. If you decide to put more money towards a trade, it’s important that you specify the underlying reasons.

Generally, it is wrong to stake more money simply because you need to make bigger profits. This calls for a reliable plan and you have to be committed to making the plan succeed. Instead of risking a huge amount after a couple of consecutive losses, you might want to maintain your ratios at 1:1. While risking a higher amount without valid reasons can earn you a tidy profit, it’s more of a gamble and you may lose your investment in the long-haul.


Choose the tools for the forex trading system

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An outstanding forex trading system utilizes great tools to make it easy to implement and generate profits. Since every trader has a different style, a specific system might require the use of different tools. You may need a trading platform, forex mentors and trading software to give you reliable signals.

Irrespective of your choice of tools, it’s important to keep it simple and easy to navigate. Instead of trying to design your tools, try to utilize what is available. In addition, each tool that you choose has to be compatible with the system you are creating.

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