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The job market today is incredibly fierce. With the economy in a slump and unemployment rates high, it can take months, or even a full year, to find a job.

One of the best things you can do to enhance your chances for employment is to make yourself sellable. It’s the little details that make you a better candidate than the next guy. Besides presenting a stellar resume, cover letter, and portfolio, there is still more you can do. Whether you’re building a successful freelance business through landing remote writing jobs or starting a website to showcase your photography portfolio.

Why not stand out by designing a personal logo? Here are a few things to consider as you create a small symbol of yourself to present to prospective employers:

Tip 1.

Make sure your name, or a part of your name, is visible. Whether it’s your initials or your full name, make it clear on the logo. You want people, specifically prospective employers, to be able to remember your name. The goal is to associate your name with the set of skills that you want to market.

Tip 2.

Know what skills you want to emphasize. If you are a mechanical engineer, for example, and work a lot with industrial equipment, find an image that is related to your career.

Then work your name, initials, or just a single letter into it. It wouldn’t do much good if you picked a casual hobby, like rugby or football, to represent who you are since that wouldn’t make you look more qualified for the job.

Tip 3.

Keep it simple. The key to a successful logo is that it gives a clear image of what you want to portray in the simplest way possible. If it has too many colors, frills, etc., it’ll be confusing and the message might be lost.

The simpler the better—that way it’s easier for the brain to remember. Use only one or two colors. Don’t make the design so intricate that’s it’s hard to see the details if the logo were placed on a small business card.

Tip 4.

Give it a double meaning. This is a hard concept to explain in words, but good logos also have a way of giving double, or even triple, meaning. Let’s look at an example. If you wanted to brand the word “pause”, you can write the word in plain letters, and then replace the “u” with two parallel vertical lines that also look like the pause sign on video players. The best logos will have this kind of clever double meaning. It will take some thought and brainstorming to come up with something.

Tip 5.

Put it everywhere. After you have designed your logo, or given your concept to a professional designer, all you have to do is get it out there for prospective employers to see. Put it at the top of your resume. Place it in the bottom corner of each page in your portfolio.

If you’re a man, you could even have a tie made with it printed on there. Woman can sew it on their purse or wallet to add that extra touch. Make sure the interviewer can’t help but spot it as you talk. It’s the ideal way to be humbly ostentatious and is sure to make an impression.


Did you think we were just gonna leave you hanging? Of course not! We collected some beautiful logo design to make your creativity juices flow.  As you will see below, most designers incorporate their first and last name into a simple yet beautiful logo design. This is a common trend among personal logos.

Breno Bitencourt

Casey Britt

Tim Boelaars

Dalius Stuoka

Michiel de Graaf

Claudiu Ungureanu

Blaze Pollard

Yassine Bentaieb


Daniel Janev

Mate Toth

Andy Mangold

Gert van Duinen

Mladen Zivanovic

Thomas Heylen

James Jones

Dario Calonaci

Vanessa Colina

Jonathan Van Dine

YhankTou | Edgar Palacios

Rudy Hurtado

Sean Farrell

Drew Ruggles

Anthony Macchio

Chris Kaufman

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