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Using a brochure as an advertising method is not only a good idea but a GREAT one. Its wide use as a successful technique for promotion and marketing has been used for decades.

Many businesses have created good pamphlets for publicity, which may have brought them an increase in sales or revenue. However, only a few companies have cracked the code of producing killer brochures that skyrocket their profits.

Although it sounds promising, it’s not easy to design and produce a killer brochure. It requires deep thought and a lot of effort to make one. To ease the difficulty of making an amazing brochure, here are some basic, yet crucial, tips and tricks for designing and creating one:

Know its purpose

A good starting point when creating a brochure is to know its purpose. That can be achieved by conducting a survey of customers for their opinion on what they want to see in a brochure. The collected data will shed light on what you should put on the brochure. That data may also form a basis for future ad campaigns.

Other than conducting a survey, getting an idea of the purpose of the brochure can also be achieved by analysis and thorough thinking. A good question to ask would be – what impression do I want my clients or customers to feel after taking a look at the brochure? And what goals do I want to attain in making this brochure? If both questions are answered, then you will have a good grasp of the things to include in the brochure.

High resolution images

Although commonly forgotten, high-resolution images are crucial for making a killer brochure. These are important because people are now used to high-definition smartphones, tablets, TVs, etc. Although this may seem like common sense, I still see many brochures and catalogues that use low resolution images. This is pretty embarrassing, and essentially makes your company or business look very unprofessional.

Limit font usage

Another important area to focus on when creating an awesome brochure is the use of fonts. Although it may be enticing to use different font styles to produce a fun and unique look, it’s not advisable. This is because using different fonts can make a brochure disorganized, unprofessional-looking, gimmicky, and somewhat childish.

To achieve a great brochure, at most two fonts should be used (but not in all instances). The use of highlighting techniques like the use of italics, bold, and larger font size is encouraged as a replacement for the use of different font styles as means of doing the same.

Use of color

Careful use of colors is very important in making the best brochure possible – too many colors could mean being displeasing to the eyes and lack of color could mean being bland or ordinary.

It cannot be stressed enough that the human eye is drawn by beautiful colors and color combinations. It’s always a good idea to design something that’s eye-catching yet informative. One example of a DON’T in making a brochure is using neon colors – not only are these colors overpowering to look at, these may also redirect the focus of the reader to the colors themselves and not the content of the brochure. Additionally, it’s important to use colors that complement each other.

Make it simple

When it comes to designing a killer brochure have a – simple design, few images, and adequate text. In this regard, a simple design always comes out as more elegant compared to brochures filled with heavy loads of text and unnessesary image decorations. With that in mind, the rule of “less is more” should be followed..


The last thing a brochure needs is poor grammar and spelling. Today, a lot of people are grammar NAZIs. Some even go to a lot of trouble just to point out a wrong or poor usage of a word. Additionally, it can give a bad impression of the company to distribute poorly written brochures. It would also give the impression that the distributor or maker of the pamphlet doesn’t value small details and quality. So it is very important to check and recheck grammar and spelling before mass producing a brochure. Costs of reproduction or modification would be eliminated by doing this.


We collected some well designed brochure and catalog designs to get you inspired for your project. Enjoy!

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ATIPUS - Graphic Design From Barcelona

Greenleaf Solar Flyer


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Institute for War & Peace Reporting



MAP - Manual of Architectural Possibilities

University of the Arts London

Braun electrical

Italian Neorealism Cinema Series

fold | grafic life















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