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It’s normal to be stressed from time to time. Did you know that stress is useful? It can be used as a powerful motivator to get tasks and jobs done – when used properly. On the other hand, there are a lot of so-called “stress junkies” who seem like they’re about to fly off the handle no matter what. Here are several ways to eliminate stress from your life.


1. Nature

Early morning sunlight in the jungle

Go outside. Find a secluded location in nature is a tremendously-advantageous decision for you. Because it has been scientifically proven that spending as little as ten minutes outside makes us happier. It is easier than ever to feel truly at peace and one with yourself when the lusciously-colored and vibrant trees surround you. It is the time to escape the craziness of your chaotic daily life for a short while. Do you enjoy reading? Bring a book and disappear for the day.


2. Meditation

Many cultures have practiced meditation for thousands of years. It is a natural way of focusing ourselves to “zero in” on the present moment. This makes us more aware of our emotions and how we interact within the world. A huge number of people rave about meditation for calming themselves down. The best part? We only need as little as 5-7 minutes a day to reap the sweet benefits meditation gives us!


3. CBD Oil


Cannabidiol has been able to alleviate stress. It has also been proven to reduce problems caused by radiation/chemotherapy treatments (which are used to exterminate cancer). However, cannabidiol does not contain a single trace of THC – the primary component in marijuana responsible for getting users high. The best CBD oil has been used to make people feel more relaxed and less stressed.


4. Identification

Recognizing the situations and people that frustrate you is important. Without realizing these triggers, you will continue to be more stressed out. Removing people who push your buttons is impossible. However, changing how you react to those people makes all the difference. How you do that is a matter of making a list of people, situations and locations that aggravate you. Then it’s simply a matter of distancing yourself.


5. Foods

Healthy Breakfast

Our diets are responsible for influencing our decisions more than any lifestyle choice. The foods we put into our bodies directly “steer” our emotions and perceptions. Therefore, to ensure your response to stress is a professional attitude, opt for healthier (albeit more expensive) foods than cheap conveniences. You can browse the recipe-sharing site for ideas about how to use those nutrient-dense foods for good meals.


6. Socialize

Whether you’re a social butterfly or are solitary, it’s been proven that isolation causes a tremendous amount of stress. Socializing with friends more often can help get rid of life, particularly during these cozy pre-Winter months.


7. Make a Day

Woman is doing a push up

Challenge yourself. Block out a day or two for yourself – and say so to the people in your life. If you have kids, see if you can have someone take responsibility for them for this day. Make a conscious effort to make a day for yourself, doing something you would enjoy. This is a great way to de-stress guilt free.



Believe it or not, some amount of stress is healthy for you. When used right, we can use stress to focus during important moments in our lives. However, you know all about harmful stress. The next time you feel the urge to rip apart a pillow or punch the wall, try one of these steps.

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