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It is quite easy to become complacent, depressed and unmotivated about the way your life works, depending on circumstances. For some it could be result of a true tragedy, for others a mundane situation. We are all different, therefore we see the world in a different light. We suffer defeats, failures and mistakes and for some of us these bring down our desire to fight to a stop. Eventually comes a moment when you sit down at your wit’s end and you tell yourself “What’s the point of wasting my time even trying?”.

Well guess what? There is a point and the point is you will feel happier, more active an in control of your own life if you find reasons to fight, to keep going no matter the odds. Even though it is easier said than done, you can find the strength within yourself to stay afloat and motivated. You can regain your willpower and drive by becoming more focused. Here are a few tips to get you out of that unmotivated abyss and back in the world of the living:

Goal visualization

This is a very important moment of your life. Ever had the feeling you have your hands full at all times, juggling at least six different activities, problems and tasks every day? I thought so. We’re not talking about work only, but also about family life, your own personal interests and dreams and more.

Knowing how to focus on a single task, ejecting everything else from your current stream of consciousness is very important to attaining your goals. Working on 10 different projects will get you nowhere, trying to rest by constantly switching chairs won’t make you feel better. Thus you need to focus on a goal and stick by it, no matter what the odds until its completion.

Avoid procrastination

It can be very tempting to lay down your burdens, simply letting it all wash over you. We have all done it and we know it’s mesmerizing allure, the whispering call of procrastination. It tells us to sit down, relax and avoid doing anything. It says “Let it all fade away” but procrastination is not your friend, but your enemy. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rest, just that you shouldn’t let go of something that needs to be done. Stay focused and on target when it counts and never abandon your goals.

Avoid negativity

That should be done both in thought and action, in yourself and in others. Nothing can bring you down faster than someone telling you your dream amounts to nothing. Some people love to attack the creations of others even if they have never created anything themselves. Avoid people telling you its impossible and stick with those who are supportive, actively encouraging you and helping you out.

Avoid negative thoughts in yourself – at some point in your life you will hear the inner voice, telling you something you have done was very stupid. Acknowledge that voice, learn from it and move on, striving to do better. Don’t let it drown out the voice of inspiration and productivity. Negativity is your enemy and you must fight it at every turn.

Small steps win the day


One of the first mistakes we make when we come up with a concept of something we want to do is setting the bar too high. Let’s say you want to write a book and you instinctively measure yourself up to at least a dozen successful authors off the top of your head. You already feel like you have much to compare yourself to.

Well even the best of these authors were once just as frustrated and disillusioned as you were when they had to compare themselves to previous generations. Begin small, one thing at a time and eventually grow as you gain confidence. You don’t need to be Atlas, taking the weight of the world on your shoulders. Take a piece of the world instead and work your way up until you know you can take on more.

Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.

If you are someone who gets disheartened after a failure remember this – mistakes are chances to learn more about the world and the rules it operates by. Humanity has reached its current state through trial-and-error as history can attest. The mistakes you make today will serve as the pillars of the strength you will show tomorrow. They are the fuel that powers your creative engines, allowing you to boost out of the gravitational pull of negativity, procrastination, depression and their friends.

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