If you are an artist just starting out, or one who pursues art as a hobby and you wish to get your work exhibited, as a non-professional artist it can be rather difficult to know where to start! You’ve worked so hard and you wish others to share your artistic vision. Perhaps you want to move to the next level in terms of gaining sales and representation, but don’t have an inkling of where and how to start? Well don’t fret! This short guide will provide you with the key sure fire means to put you on that path to getting your artwork exhibited.

Public Spaces

There are so many great spaces out there within the public domain that are perfect to exhibit your work. Consider restaurants & cafes that turn over a high volume of customers daily, and many owners of such establishments are frequently looking to refresh their décor. Your work could well be perfect for a small business out there. Salons, beauty clinics and boutiques are also a fab idea as client experience in their business place is vital. Your work could really enhance the customer experience. See your local business pages for contact info.

Art Fairs

There are an abundance of fairs out there suited to showcase emerging artists. It’s merely a matter of filling out the application forms and submitting example images of your works. You can be given a small space or area at the fair which you can exhibit from. There will undoubtedly be keen investors and enthusiasts there who will be able to view and enjoy your artwork not to mention reach potential customers. You could leave richer in contacts and cash! Also consider garden and home shows – such exhibitions are incredibly varied now and frequently feature other diverse areas of interest. Don’t forget to attend workshops and talks too, these are fab ways of networking.

See the following sites for more info: theotherartfair.com; affordablebritishart.co.uk

Art Clubs

Becoming a member of an art club would most certainly be a very wise move. Collectively, you and members of your group will undoubtedly be in a similar boat and as the old saying goes – two heads are better than one – or more so three or four! An art club would be a fantastic way to build contacts as early careers are developing. You could embark together on the journey to getting your works exhibited.

You’ll all be thankful for one another’s support for sure! If there aren’t any clubs you believe are suitable for your art interest why not set up your own! Finding interested fellow artists would be relatively straight forward and you could all share costs of hiring a space of an evening at a local school – a typical venue that could eventually exhibit your work too.

Here is a useful link for connecting with other artists and curating art clubs.

Social networks

To complement some or all of the above actions, utilise all of the social platforms at your disposal, such as Facebook and Twitter. These are free and contain millions of like-minded individuals such as artists and wanna-be pros looking to get themselves exposure just as you are. Facebook and Google+ have dedicated interest groups and circles where you can begin your search. These channels can also enable you feedback on your work if for example, someone viewed your work at a local bistro.

They can also allow you to share your contact info, especially if you’re on a tight budget and cannot spend your money on business cards. And if this wasn’t enough for you to get logged on to, then there’s also a few social platforms aimed solely towards those involved in the arts, including ArtDomain, Artlyst and Taltopia. Don’t forget, connected artists are the ones who succeed!

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