Did you know that Goolge ranks Twitter profiles within their search engine? If not, surprise! Understanding what their algorithm might be looking for, has made me do some in-depth research. After analyzing what my top SEO resources had to say regarding this matter, I decided to share with you what I’ve learned. Before we jump in and implement the following tips, be sure to check your current Twitter page rank. Our page rank for @inspirationf is currently 6/10. Now that you have an idea of where you stand, it is up to you to transform that. Ranking Twitter via Page Rank shows that Google is not messing around when it come to public social media profiles.

What is Google Looking for?

  • Replies, Location, Hashtags, and Retweets
  • Outbound links to credible sources
  • Credible inbound links from sources
  • Quality Content in the Twitter Stream

When I use Twitter, I strongly focus on proving useful resources for my followers. Let’s be honest for a second, I’m sure other designers won’t care too much if I told then I had pancakes this morning. As delicious as it sounds, this kind of information is pointless to the follower. On the other hand, tweeting an educational article will be, to my knowledge, a better use of 140 characters. Google without a doubt looks for activity like this, and rank you based on quality content.

Keep focusing and discussing valuable topics within your niche. Working your way to become a common name is not easy. However, keeping up with the latest news and activity of the niche kings will make you much more aware. That awareness will lead you to great heights of success!

Include follow buttons on your website

Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter are huge players in social. By now this should be a given. Having a follow button or widgets that include updates from those outlets, will make Google spiders crawl through your site. In return helping your overall ranking. You can also link to your twitter profile within your other social media profiles. Many people also forget the easiest way of promotion; adding your twitter profile url in your email signature. These kinds of promotions should help you gain more followers in the long run. If you are currently in need of some beautiful social media icons, check out this article: Huge Collection of High Quality Social Media Icons

Have an attractive twitter theme

Many blogs on the web do frequent roundups of creative Twitter backgrounds (we have done this as well). Having a great background that stands out is very important. There are millions of users that use twitter. That blue cloud background that everybody has access to, does not make you unique. There are plenty of services that have a vast variety of free backgrounds for your use. If you do feel like going above and beyond, you can always create your own background in Photoshop. To get some inspiration flowing check out some examples. On our background we listed some of our social media websites that we frequently use. Our hope is that users will see this, and join us at the designated locations.

Free Twitter Background Websites:

Submit your profile to twitter directories

You need to expand your Twittersphere pronto. Having others being able to find you, is once again, very important. These active directories are like online yellow books, and serve as a great way of associating people with similar interests. To get on the hashtag directories all you have to do is use the common hashtags listed. This is a great way of getting even more exposure in your niche. Overall you should spend some time and submit yourself. More exposure cannot hurt!

Top Twitter Directories


Please realize that the following article is based completely on my speculation and gathered knowledge over time. Google will never come out and tell us exactly how they rank websites or social profiles. The only thing we can do is use common sense SEO methods to improve our rankings. Here is a little disclaimer: I’m not a SEO expert, and I would love to hear some feedback from the pro’s regarding this matter. I hope you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it with others, it’s really a great way of saying thanks. For more useful articles like this please don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS-feed and follow Inspirationfeed on TwitterFacebook!

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