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Why Yahoo Answers? With over 20 million users in the USA alone and over a BILLION users worldwide, Yahoo Answers could be one of the best free traffic systems available today.

Yahoo Answers can give you, your business and any niche, quality targeted traffic that is socially charged and motivated to buy. This is because the very nature of asking questions pre-qualifies your prospects if you target them correctly.

Yahoo Answers is currently being used by top companies to study business on a local, regional and national level. One thing that holds true – Yahoo Answers is perfect for building business and selling whatever it is you sell, if you know how to do it.

Yahoo Answers is social as well. Asking and answering questions will provide any business with an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and do so in a way that can and will induce sales.

People that use Yahoo Answers do so because they want their questions answered. You are perfectly poised to respond with friendly advice that can be followed with a gentle nudge to contact the information provider. This can be done in a variety of ways that are acceptable to Yahoo Answers (and not get you banned) and can position yourself and your business to benefit.

One of the best things about Yahoo Answers is that it does not cost a single penny to use and it is in many ways, much more effective than most PPC ads and older forms of marketing.

The reason for this is Yahoo Answers has an ever changing audience of highly motivated people that are constantly searching for the answer to questions that they need and can’t seem to find elsewhere.

Being able to use Yahoo Answers to build your business is almost childlike in its simplicity and just requires a small dedication of time; something most marketers are already doing without much to show for their efforts.

If you’re willing to devote at least an hour a day 3 to 5 days a week, you can begin to see some pretty impressive results.

Over the months as you grow your Yahoo Answers account, you will become branded as an expert in your particular niche and many people will vote your answers up in the search engines.

This can lead to boost after boost of traffic to the topics and subjects that you are covering and answering for people who are looking for precisely what you are trying to deliver.

It is a match made in heaven because your answers are targeted to a niche or set of niches where your expertise will shine.

People who are looking for that specific answer are much more likely to engage your products and services because your answer will help them at least partially, and you just follow up with the entire pitch when they see the value of what you will offer them.

If you’re willing to follow the advice, rules and do what is right by people who are looking for the correct answers, you will have all the traffic and social interaction necessary to take your business to the next level.

Yahoo Answers Is Powerfully Social


One of the biggest issues that people have when it comes to promoting their business is they rely mostly on old-school forms of advertising. “Interruption” advertising is no longer as effective as it used to be. Because of technology, people are able to sidestep interruption advertising and simply click off and move to something else of interest them. So your marketing needs to be positioned where they (the prospect) want to engage with you.

That is the key to driving real community – something that is of interest to a prospect. Trying to “force” people to pay attention to you is entirely the wrong approach for today’s marketing.

This also means that one of the best ways to advertise your business is to get people when they are exactly in the right frame of mind to engage your service.

In all the world there is NEVER a better time or frame of mind than when someone asks a question specific to your business that your product or service is the exact answer they need.

For most business entrepreneurs this means to think outside of the box, creatively in a manner that will draw people to them while they are in this correct frame of mind.
This is why Yahoo answers is perfect for your business.

The Psychology Behind Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers creates an almost surreal like environment that operates in a form of social interaction that also uses powerful psychology to pre sell using social proof (will explain in detail later).

While this may not seem important at first, most people have come to realize that it is the very form of social engagement and social layout that Yahoo Answers uses that attracts people to it in the first place.

People feel they can trust Yahoo Answers, because there are what appear to be professionals giving advice. Their guard is down and you can use suggestive marketing and free follow up information to further your business.

Simply stated, Yahoo Answers is the definition of social interaction. Using avatars, and answering people’s questions in a manner that supports and helps them make a difficult decision or choice is precisely the exact place, time and opportunity that is perfect for business to generate sales.

A Caveat (Word To The Wise)

While many people have struggled with how to effectively use Yahoo Answers, I’m here to tell you that understanding the correct way to go about using the platform is all that it takes to successfully grow your business.

There is one caveat.

Like any good game you must understand the rules.

Simply posting links and telling people to go visit your website will not only fail, but pretty much is a guarantee that you will be banned from the community.

If you choose to offer excellent information, you have a really good chance of growing your business quickly. Here’s how you can go about doing all of this in just a few short weeks.
The next section deals with all of this so please understand how to work within the rules so getting banned never happens to you.

Understanding The Community That Is Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is first and foremost a powerful and expressive community of where people come together to help each other answer some of the toughest questions that need answering. When you answer a question you are rewarded with points. Points can’t be spent on anything but help you raise in levels and this ups your standing, prestige, and ranking. So as you see this is very much like a game and if you approach this like a game you will have fun wile growing your business:


The more questions you answer, the more you’re standing raises in the community of the more points you earn which generate additional levels.

This grants perks that allow you to take on more and more questions, provide additional commentary as well as interact with the community from a position of ever increasing authority. Here is the level progression chart:

yahoo answers

*As your levels increase you can ask, answer, rate and vote on more and more questions.
People will tend to trust and vote up those with higher rankings and select you as a “Best Answer.”

Yahoo Answers TOS Concerns

Now that you understand how to get points and raise levels in Yahoo Answers, the next topic we want to discuss with you that many people eventually have issues with, is Yahoo’s terms of service, which apply directly to Yahoo Answers.

First of all you can familiarize yourself with Yahoo’s TOS here:
The TOS is for all aspects of Yahoo and extend to Yahoo Answers.

I would like to do is go over several things that are big no-no’s and put them in simple, easy to understand terms, so that you know right away how not to get your account banned.

It is important that you understand this first before we explain exactly how you can build your business, because many people try to shortcut and use methods that are deemed illegal by Yahoo.

Some people do get away with violating TOS. Don’t let that distract you.

It’s just a matter of time before their accounts get locked or banned. Do things the right way from day one so that you will not have any issues and grow a large and powerful following as well as drive hordes of traffic to your business.

Do’s And Don’t’s For Yahoo Answers


Yahoo Answers Guidelines are clear and you can read more by visiting the link above. In general Yahoo wants a safe and secure question and answer format, not a place to rant and vent your personal, religious or political issues.

Yahoo Answers also reminds people that the effectiveness of the community is the power to answer people’s problems (the main reason you want to be here in the first place) not a chat room, a place to be mean or obscene, or other forms of irrelevant or illegal content.

Don’t worry this is a good thing!

Exploiting The Community A NO NO!

This one is very important so just in case you don’t visit the link above I want you crystal clear on this . . .

“Yahoo! Answers is a place to gain knowledge, not customers, page views, or dates. If you have years of experience in something, have a special hobby, own your own business, or if you are a knowledge partner, it’s OK to accompany a good, on-topic answer with a link to your website, blog, or email to offer more information. However, it is not OK to post links that are unrelated to the topic or are clearly meant only to solicit others for personal and financial gain. Also prohibited are solicitations like “Will you add me as a contact?” or propositioning people.”

Ok did you see that? You are only to promote your most relevant information NOT A DIRECT SALES LINK! I will explain shortly how this is actually a marketer’s dream and will allow you to grow your business better than any direct sales link.

The Right Way To Master Yahoo Answers


Most marketers start an account and begin to spam people almost immediately. This will NOT work. You need to deliver value and show the moderators in your niche that you are there to help people. Helpful answers live on. Spamming will get you reported almost immediately. Only quality answers get the real traffic. Nothing else will get by the community. Don’t even try it.

Why Using Yahoo Answers Works


The above chart explains just SOME of the reasons Yahoo Answers is one of the BEST ways to market your business and for FREE. While the platform may not be absolutely perfect for every business there is a good chance you can fit into one of the many categories that people look for and search answers to.

Being a good contributor to Yahoo Answers positions you to have lots of continuous traffic to a marketing funnel.

Many people spend years trying to create and perfect what Yahoo Answers will hand to you.

Every one of the topics above is just part of what Yahoo Answers can do for your business and we will show you how to set this up quickly and have a powerful marketing funnel with continuous leads.

Get Started Using Yahoo Answers

Now that you are beginning to see how effective Yahoo Answers can be for business, it’s time to discuss exactly how you’re going to do so. Here the steps necessary to get your account up and running fast in a way that supports what we have shown:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on New User
  3. Sign up with your information:
  4. Click create my account:
  5. Personalize your account by going to your profile:

Your public profile says a lot about who you are so Yahoo has allowed a lot of versatility here. You can even link accounts, create additional aliases but perhaps the best place to start is creating a unique avatar that stands out and gets everyone’s attention.

An Avatar Is Your Representation To The World Of Yahoo Answers One of the most innovative features of Yahoo Answers is the ability to represent your commentary with the cartoon like image called an avatar. An avatar is much more than just a trendy looking image to get people’s attention; your avatar is a representation of the kind of image that you’re trying to portray to clients, prospects and other people who use the Yahoo Answers platform and for a good reason. The correct image should be representative of the kind of business, product or service you provide and imply trust, friendliness, warmth and almost be like an offer to be a friend.

Your avatar breathes life into what would otherwise be just written words; because people react more favorably to happy images and representations of people in authority. Because of this, selecting the correct avatar and / or images is important and something you should not take lightly.

Avatars should reflect all of this. If you decide to use real images make sure you follow the advice on the next page.

A Word On Power & Authority Images

You must choose images necessary to assist people and subconsciously imbed cues that relate to authority.

I like to use the example of the national chain called Footlocker. Whenever you go and visit any of these places for shoes, the store attendants are all dressed as referees. Since most people that visit Footlocker are involved in sports, the embedded subconscious implication is that when the “referee” makes a suggestion to you you’re more than likely going to comply. In this case you’re told what shoes are best for the sports that you play and who in their right mind would say no to a referee?

Of course the same holds true of an Avatar, that you want to embed a suggestion based on the image.

Remember that Yahoo Answers will allow you to have multiple aliases, so you can switch back and forth from different avatars depending on the alias.

Try to pick an avatar that matches your profession. For example if you are a baker, us a baking avatar.
Doesn’t that image feel nice and just look really cute.

How To Make An Interactive Avatar FREE Here is the first place you should go to have your avatar made because it will interact with everything associated to your Yahoo account and you can activate your avatar for your Yahoo Answers account as well. The avatar can be of almost anything you can imagine; it also can be animated and change across all of your Yahoo accounts to reflect seasons, change of dress etc. Pretty cool, huh?

How To Choose The Best Niche To Start Now the next thing you need to do is choose the niche(s) that you’re going to specialize in. In most cases, niches are represented in these categories here. We like to refer to these as a generic niche. The idea is to pick an area that you will be able to further specialize in, by starting with one or several of the generic niches. Pretty much every kind of business will fit into these niches.

If for some reason you can’t seem to categorize your business, get as close as possible keeping in mind that you can always answer questions that best represent your products and services within multiple niches. Don’t get too hung up on any one generic niche. Remember you can answer questions from any category. It is possible that multiple niches will overlap into the products and services that relate directly to your business.

The idea is to pick the best representative product or service that also has the largest number of questions being asked as your key focus point for your marketing funnel. After you choose a niche begin to answer questions. Your first 10 or so questions should be done over the course of a 1 week period. Try to give well thought out answers that are about 2-3 paragraphs in length (about 300 words). Anything less will probably not be picked as a best answer (unless the answer is simple and obvious).

Anything longer than this will be too much for an average person to read. REMEMBER: Add NO LINKS Until You Have Raised One Level (to level 2). There is no hard and fast rule to how many questions it will take to raise a level. The idea is to answer questions fully without it looking like you joined the community to spam. For the first week people will check you out. This will get you by most admin and community flaggers who love to observe new posters and ban them quickly if they appear to be spamming.

If you are contributing to the community, in time you can add carefully crafted links that will make sense to the community and grow your business on the backend. Your goal is to also get some of your answers chosen as best answers so you get bonus points which will raise your level. By going quickly from level I to level II, you will be able to double the number of questions that you can answer and leave the novice rank behind.

Keep Gaining Levels And Answer More Questions Daily

Another advantage for earning points is that you will gain levels and you will be able to answer more questions:

The point system is designed to encourage good answers and will eventually reward you additional levels. The higher your level the more respected you will be and the more likely someone will want to take your advice.

Research And Discover What Your Niche Needs

Now that you have a generic niche chosen you need to spend some time on researching recurring questions you can answer. You can do this by first understanding your business and having a look at top searches on the internet using the Google Keyword tool –

You can search for hot terms in your niche and once you discover them you can then search Yahoo Answers for related questions with the understanding that if there are massive searches on Google there will be lots of questions related to those searches.

You can do deeper searches in your niche and answer the questions that will benefit your business the best. Keep in mind that people want real answers to their problems. Try to provide an answer that will at least partially solve their problems and leave them wanting more so they will visit your link.

Using Yahoo Answers To Connect With Your Niche

Before you begin to answer questions it is important that you know some of the hot button issues your niche needs solved and are willing to eventually pay for an answer. If you are unsure what these are, visit top forums related to your niche (Google your keyword + Forums and take the best results).

Look for recurring problems that people want resolved and that your products / service will do so nicely.

Here is the 2 step thought process behind this:

  1. Find a problem your niche wants answered – You can do this by looking for what is being searched and discussed by your niche, as previously described in earlier pages.
  2. Answer Questions around these problems. Make sure you do so in a way that evokes strong emotion, tells a story and guides the question asker to act on your advice and follow up on your link for the complete solution.

Remember people are looking for simple solutions to their problems so don’t make it too confusing.

How To Answer Yahoo Answers

Sounds silly, right? Well knowing HOW to answer questions is important. First of all, you can only answer questions that are NOT in voting or “solved.”

Once this happens they can only be viewed in searches but not commented on again. For example if you search for the question How “Do You Answer In Yahoo Answers;” this question was answered years ago and can only be looked at and not replied to.

The correct way to answer questions is to go to your category (niche) choose and answer questions there. Open questions are what you are looking for:

Once you answer this question, or if this is not to your liking and you want to answer another, just click show me another at the top and you can sift through the best answers.
When you first start out you will be going from generic to specific answers you want to give. Remember you are answering not just for the person who is asking the question but all future people who will be searching out the answer to the exact same question.

Make sure once you are established you follow the model on the next page for how to respond.

Using Google For Your Answers

Most people who use Yahoo Answers are “lazy”. They do not want to spend time looking all over the internet for answers. This is a good thing because people will do simple things, like signing up to your mailing list to get the answers they want.

If you want to answer questions related to your niche but are not sure of what to say simply do a Google search and find the best related information and rewrite it in your own words.

Question: “How can I stop my dog from barking?”


Do a simple Google Search and check out the first page results.

The top result, Cesar Millan is a recognized worldwide expert. Any information from him would be a great basis for an answer:

The article is well written, informative but too long for Yahoo Answers. What we need to do is to REWRITE parts of the article and summarize it into a brief but effective answer.

We then add the best bit of information at the end of the article and ask for people to check out the free additional information on how to control the dog barking issue:

How do I stop my dog from barking all the time?
Dogs bark because this is the way they communicate. Remember that as the “pack leader” you must exercise authority to control over excessive barking. Barking is a result of pent up energy and then it is triggered by stimulus that the dog will react to.

The partial solution is to release the energy in a productive way. This includes walks and play to allow the dog to expend this energy. Now that the dog is calmer you are ready to control the situation better.

Understand that animals follow confident and calm leaders; you need to issue a firm and consistent corrective action (explained below) and take ownership over your territory and dog.

You challenge and dominate the dog and do so with the free list of commands you can get (and more details below) you will soon have your dog under control.

FreeDogControlGuide.Com (Note how the domain matches EXACTLY what is being given away!)
There is enough information to partially help the question asker but not enough for the full solution unless they go to the link and sign up for the free download. This method works!

Obviously there could be other domain extensions you can use, as long as the link goes to EXACTLY where these prospects can get the FREE INFO. You promised them.

If you just send people to a website and NOT the promised information you will more than likely get your link removed.

Getting Other People To Ask Questions You Want To Answer

One cool way to get questions asked that you know you can answer AND will get chosen as a BEST answer, is to actually hire someone to do it (or get friends / colleagues to do so) Once the question is posted the person you hired simply wait for you to respond to it and then choose you as the best answer.

This is a questionable tactic and there is a degree of risk involved to getting your account banned (moderate to low risk).

Make sure you get someone who has a lot of positive reviews. I have had high success with people who are NOT in the USA or UK (India is really good).

A great place for this is What is amazing to me is all of the services people will do for just 5 bucks. Although this may seem questionable all you are doing is getting someone to do the heavy lifting for you. – (Search “Yahoo Answers”) you can hire someone for just five bucks by visiting


Action Steps Guide:

This addendum is here to offer you simple steps to ensure you take action on what you have learned. Follow the list and you will ensure greater success when planning your Yahoo Answers campaign:

Before You Begin With Yahoo Answers

  • Decide on your niche
  • Research your nich(es) as related to Yahoo Answers
  • Understand what Yahoo Answers is (a community)
  • Understand how the social sharing works
  • Read the TOS and know what is NOT acceptable
  • Study your niche and look for good answers
  • Create a new account or buy an existing one on Fiverr
  • Give quality answers that solve problems
  • Build a following by raising in levels and offering advice
  • After you have some reputation add your links
  • DO NOT directly sell anything in your links
  • Drive prospects to your mailing lists
  • Continue to provide good content
  • Begin to sell to your new mailing list

Wrap Up

Yahoo Answers is your one stop shopping for a complete marketing funnel to allow you to build your marketing list, promote your products and services as well as deliver high quality problem solving to people in your niche.

Properly done, you can build traffic nodes of motivated question seekers who will follow the advice of others (you) and drive them to choosing your business. Remember Yahoo Answers is first and foremost a powerful community. Play by the rules and you will soon have all the traffic and leads you need to grow any business.

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