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Herein are some golden tips that you can use every day to live a more relaxed and fulfilling life that stress-free and easy going.


#1. Rise Early

The first tip that you can use to switch from a stressed stated to a relaxed state is to wake up early each day. Get out of your Denver mattress early and get started on the day. Gaining an extra hour or two will make it easier for you to handle those tasks that lurk in your mind but you seemingly do not have time for, whether it is watching your favorite show, doing laundry, or any other task in mind. Extra time in the morning equals less stress throughout the day.


#2. Keep In Mind The 80/20 Rule

In your work life, you should be mindful of the 80/20. In many cases, 20% of the responsibilities/clients take up 80 percent of your time. As such, try and isolate such time-suckers and remove from your daily routine in the best way possible while still fulfilling your responsibilities and meeting your goals.


#3. Take In Fresh Air

man sitting on the edge of a rock watching the sunrise

If you have time during the day, sneak a walk outside. The fresh air, natural light, and the light exercise associated with walking outside ill make you feel better. This is especially important for individuals who spend 8 or more hours sitting at their work desk.


#4. Kick Out Junk Food

Cast junk food away from your life. The healthier you eat throughout the day, the better you feel as there is no junk food churning in your stomach. Trade in snacks such as potato chips and ice cream for something healthier and you will benefit from higher energy levels, being more awake, and generally feeling better.


#5. Take Lots Of Vitamin D

photo of women wearing a bikini on beach

Whenever possible, make an effort to soak in some vitamin D. Vitamin D works wonders on your overall mood by brightening your day. As such, it plays a huge role in making your stress-free. As such, if you live in an area where there is plenty of sunshine, take advantage of it. Whether you soak the sunshine poolside or a front lawn bench, you will benefit immensely.


#6. Handle The ‘Bad’ First

Every day in the morning, create a to-do list, including the tasks that you least look forward to high on the list. Whether it is doing laundry, writing a report, or responding to an email, opt to complete your least favorite tasks first.


#7. Fix Your Email Problem

Take some time to unsubscribe from all the brands and shops that fill your account with spam-like emails or emails you are not interested in. this will take a good two hours or more, but you will benefit from a clear inbox by having a clutter-free inbox and a clear mind.


#8. Tap Into The Power OF Music

woman listening to music with over the head headphones

When feeling a little bogged down and stressed, put away the radio talk shows, hard rock, and podcasts. Instead listen to upbeat tunes that are soothing. Music has the ability to uplift your mood and relieve stress. Listen to the right music and you will be sure to have a smile on your face.


#9. Purge Your Social Media

Purge all the negative energy from your social media accounts. Go through all the pages and friends and accounts and unfriend/unfollow accounts associated with negative energy. Whether it that blog that is increasing posting negative content or a high school acquaintance who is always posting negative political posts. Doing this will get rid of a huge source of stress in your life.


#10. Automate Your Bills

Automate your bill payment process by setting up auto-pay for all your bills including utilities, car payments, rent, insurance, and much more. In doing so, you will not have to send in checks for these bills, leaving you a little less worried. This has the amazing effect of living a far more stress-free life.

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