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Loneliness. Does that word scare you? A surprising number of people fear being alone.

In the United States we’re socially programmed into believing that being lonely is weird. We constantly see this in movies and TV shows. If you’re quiet or alone, you’re automatically labeled as weird, strange, or a loser.

You can see this type of mentality shine in visual media that is aimed at teenagers. These television shows praise the extroverts, but shun the introverts. This skewed view is gross and irrational.

At times, we tend to fear being without friends, family, or a partner. We fear traveling through this journey we call life, alone. But being alone isn’t a bad thing. Being alone is empowering. Everything that you think you know about loneliness, like depression and sadness, is nonsense.

Being alone has way more benefits than constantly being part of a group. Now I’m not saying to cut off the entire world completely, you should always try to maintain a balance and see you friends/family every now and then, but in general you should embrace being alone. You’ll be amazed at how much time you have for yourself and how much happier you are. 

Embrace Your Ambitions


Think about all the things you want to do with your life, all your dreams and hopes, they are all reasons you shouldn’t be afraid of being alone. When you’re focusing on someone else, your ambitions can slip away. Some people go through their entire life without accomplishing anything they wanted to, and that’s the most scariest part of all.

You Are All You Need

In order to overcome being alone, you need to first realize that you are all you need. You do not need others to give you approval on everything you do. Don’t take this they wrong way, but you come and leave this world alone. So there is nothing wrong with being alone while having this experience.

Listen To Advice, But Follow Your Heart

When I first realized that I’m the only one responsible for my success and failures, my mind opened up to a whole new line of thinking. Others will give you advice on how to live your life, and some of them are right. Spend some time considering what people have told you in the past, but only do what you feel is right. Remember, you’re the only one who knows what is right for you.

Enjoy Every Moment

If you’ve recently been getting used to being alone, remember to fully enjoy every moment that you spend with other people. They can easily be gone tomorrow, so remember to love the time you spend with them.

Change Your Routine

Again, if you’re still getting used to not being around other people all the time, try to change up your routine. Try moving around your furniture, change your work schedule. Do whatever it takes to break yourself away from routines that you’re used to with other people being involved.

Level Up Your Skills

Another great way to deal with becoming alone is to not fill your newly found free time with useless junk. Sometimes it can be easy to fill your mind with television, surfing the Internet, and watching Forest Gump over and over again, but it’s not worth it.

Spend your time making yourself a better person. Use your free time to read, create things, and experience new things. You could even take time to learn a new language. It’s simple to find constructive things to do.

Plan Out Your Future

If you’re still feeling down, or afraid of the idea of not having people around all the time, it’s alright. One of the best things to do is to come up with a plan for your future, where do you want to be in five years? Think about the small steps that it will take to get there, and get started immediately.


When you’re sick of perusing only your own goals. Think about organizations in your community that need the most help. You can always find somewhere to donate a little time. Not only is this a great way to get some much needed social time, but will help you to better understand your role in the world and will make you a stronger person.


I hope this article has helped you. Being alone can be a joyful thing. You deserve all the ‘me time’ you can get. Discovering who you truly are and what you enjoy is a wonderful experience. So don’t be sad or fearful, celebrate it!

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