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Create awareness by online marketing

Since the online puzzle targets social media users, the best site to create awareness about the game is to advertise and market it online. There are many websites that are commonly in use by the general public e.g. Facebook, Twitter, among others. This will easily counter the interest of the public to check them up. Having them on most frequently used social networks will also arouse the curiosity of the public to ‘come and see’ after which they can spread the gospel because the game is more enjoyable if solving the puzzle with a friend or an opponent.

Build search engine traffic

Search engine optimization is the effect of visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine‘s normal mode. Search engine optimization to the maximization of the priority of the online material to be visible first before the other web pages. The earlier the webpage is viewed prior to others, the more the probability that it will be checked in. If one wishes to play an online game and searches for this online, the probability that a puzzle game should appear on the search result among the top five increases the chances that the game will be played.

In addition, this grows with the number of people accessing the website, so if we have many people solving the puzzle, the higher the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is called search Engine traffic (the pool of people accessing and using the web) that essentially will be solving the puzzles online. To achieve this, there is a need to build a high quality web page that will engage and persuade the site owners like Google, Yahoo, among others to prioritize the web with the puzzle.

Use of blogs and RSS directories

Blogs are sites of information published on international websites containing publications of either an individual or multi-authored publications. Rich site summary or RSS, on the other hand, is comprised of a summary of a particular publication. In attempt to create awareness, the blogging and the Rich site summary may be used carrying information on the previous puzzles, the winners, the challenges, and the genius out of the history of the game.

This will encourage the players to desire to break records, stand out and shine on the worldwide website among other motivating factors. Just the history of the game, the number of participants, their nativity and similar things will woe more interested players.

Develop Challenging and fresh puzzles

Longleat Hedge Maze @ Wiltshire, England

For fans to keep coming on the webpage /website to play the game, it must be intriguing and challenging. That implies that there is a need to improve gradually and develop more tasking (reasonably) puzzles that will make the players find it awarding. That means that the puzzles should be well distributed/graded from the lower levels up to higher grades where every other player will find it suitable and also developmental to his/her mental ability. Challenging puzzles may arise from current affairs within the locality or international affairs. Avoiding monopoly is inevitable, once a puzzle is solved; the same should not be repeated whether by the same player or another.

Real Prizes for winners

Most of the times, players in the puzzle game on the social media are never awarded as such. The mere sound of claps and applause isn’t rewarding enough to warrant a try or participation. Well, real fans will find this fun but new people will definitely not. Real prizes, therefore, will be of motivation to the participants and this will encourage many more to take part. Real prizes in this case may be something tangible or a chance to meet and play with fellow genius in the game around the world. The real feeling of winning should be measurable and comparable from a competitive situation.

No Entry and low charges at low and basic level of games.

The puzzle games online come with hefty cost along. This has been a limiting factor for social media providers to easily allow the public to access. Installation costs have made it hard for the cyber cafés to offer the games online at usual browsing fee. Even so, just to start the game one may be required to part with a dollar or so, and with the rising economy, it only leaves the game for a few middle class and the rich in the society.

Promote real Puzzle game in homes and schools

Generally, people try to do what they have ever done and got interested in. Thus, when people get to play real puzzle in books, newspapers and magazines, their interest develops hence they can still have their focus on online puzzle game to test their prowess. This does not dispute the fact that even those who learn the game on social media can do better but definitely, eyes that have ever solved a puzzle have a sense for any puzzle that comes their way. This can be done by integrating puzzles in kid’s plays and class works as they learn the languages at preparatory levels. It may go a long way into competitions, which motivate the participants’ interest.

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