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Everyone enjoys having beautiful family vacation photographs. Even with the modern technology of fully automated cameras that do everything but select the subject of your photo, there are still some tips and tricks to enhance your family vacation photos with a professional looking quality. With a few simple to follow directions you can have a great looking family vacation photo album.

Carefully Choosing Landscapes and Backgrounds

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: William Cho

In one direction to give an interesting perspective to a photograph is to frame the subject of your photo, rather of just making random area shots. Instead of making a long-distance shot of a large landmark, zoom in on just a part of it. For example, if you are making a photo of the Statue of Liberty zooms in on only the face and torch. You can also make your background more interesting by changing your angle of perspective. Instead of shooting a subject from ground level, try going higher or lower. You can always add a foreground element, such as part of a tree in the corner of your shot. Using a foreground element helps to add depth to your photo.

Under or overexposing your shot can add shadows or deep colors. For example, if you’re shooting a sunset underexpose it by changing the exposure setting to manual mode on your camera. This can help to deepen the red and oranges and a sunset by reducing your light level. If you are shooting in bright midday sun, you should be sure to check the exposure setting on your camera as most models have an exposure compensation setting.  By having the exposure setting in the correct mode, you can add richness to a cloudy setting or lighten a shady area. These methods also help to add depth and richness to your photographs.

Fill the Frame

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: John Mueller

When you are preparing to take a photograph and look through the viewfinder of your camera, try to fill the entire frame with what you are photographing. Simply put, try to focus on elements that will give your subject some type of identity. This is where using landmarks as part of your background enhance your photo. For example, instead of trying to shoot a large statue from a great distance, consider zooming in on the face or head and shoulders if possible.

Doing this will add not only identity to your photo, but make it visually pleasing as well. If you are shooting a group of people don’t spread them out, instead group them together by height and form a kind of bunched together look.  Or simply zoom on their head and shoulders or a three-quarter length shot. This way, especially if you have them post in front of a landmark, you still get a nice screenshot with an identifiable object in the background.

Have the Precise Equipment

It is always essential to have the right equipment to take excellent photographs. If you are moving around a lot nothing ruins your vacation faster than having to lug a ton of photography equipment in a huge shoulder bag. Not only are you tired of carrying equipment through the end of the day, although you also leave your photography equipment vulnerable to being stolen easily.

If you are investing in a new camera for your trip, one of the wisest decisions you can make is a multipurpose versatile camera, preferably with a built-in flash. There are excellent compact, lightweight models available now that can easily be carried in a waist pack are around your neck with a strap. Always make sure you had extra batteries. When choosing a camera, carefully research different models in order to choose one that will fit your needs and you can quickly learn to operate.


The capability of taking great family vacations does not require a degree in photography. By doing a little bit of research and investing in good equipment while taking your time to properly set up your shots, it is easy and fairly simple to make high-quality beautiful and memorable vacation photos.

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