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One of the most beautiful things which a woman achieves is to get pregnant and become a mother. Pregnancy therefore can change the whole damn life of a woman just within a very short period of time.

Even each and every person around you from your loved ones, friends, to relatives and others showers you with happiness and blessings. But during this period, one problem that every new mother faces or has a question in their mind is how to sleep when pregnant.


Different techniques, methods and solutions

pregnant woman sleeping on the couch

Many researches has thus shown that, during the third trimester, i.e. after the 28 weeks of pregnancy, going for a sleep on your back thus increases the risk of stillbirth. So, in this stage, most of the doctors suggest to go to sleep on your side rather than on your back because it is way safer for your baby.

Even we have come up with the nectar sleeping guide, guide to bedtime drinks for sleep, other guides to drink for sleep and various other drinks guide for better sleep. Therefore, there are plentiful of drinks which help the new mother to relax the body and mind and thus force naturally to fall asleep in no time.

Even sometimes doctors say that the best sleeping position is on one’s left side as compared to the right side because on the left side, the amount of blood nutrients that reaches the placenta and the baby increases.

Some of the common pregnancy sleep problems are as follows:

  1. You don’t like to sleep on your back side.
  2. You are restless in no time.
  3. You have got a busy mind.
  4. You will get leg cramps.
  5. Pee is an all-time regular guest within short intervals.
  6. You will have heartburn.
  7. You snore.

But other than all these methods, exercises, drinks, techniques, make sure you pair it up with a nectar luxury mattress, for best rest because it’s delicious support and comfort give are very much effective to quench someone’s thirst for sleep.


What could increase the risk of stillbirth?

Sleep position in the third trimester is very much important to take care of because if you lay on your back then the combined weight of the baby and as well as womb puts pressure on the other organs of the body which can thus restrict the blood flow and oxygen to the baby.


Tips for sleeping in pregnancy

pregnant woman covering herself with a gray blanket

  1. Make sure to put some pillows behind you which prevent you to falling on your back. It therefore prevents you being on your back.
  2. Again if you have long hair, then try to tie it in a low bun which therefore makes it uncomfortable to sleep on your back for any respective length of time.
  3. Check your position if you wake up for any reason during the night and then go back to sleep on your side.
  4. If you wish to nap during the day time, then pay the same attention to sleep position during the time just as you would during the night.

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