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It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep our surrounding clean and well protected. Unprotected environment endangers our health. Some of the things that harm our surrounding are; Air pollution, which is mostly caused by noise or by exhuming unhealthy gases, and water pollution. An unclean environment can also affect the climate and hence affect plants, animals, and human beings negatively.


1. Recycle

you can use animal waste as fertilizers to grow our plants

Recycling materials help to reduce careless disposal. For example, you can use animal waste as fertilizers to grow our plants. Not only will you be cleaning the surrounding but you will also protect the soil which is also part of the environment by not using harmful chemical manures. Industries should also practice this instead of draining the unwanted water into the nearby water body.

2.Use reusable bags


shopping bag

Everyone and especially business people should encourage people to use reusable bags instead of plastic bags. If you own a business start by introducing the bags to your customers and advise them to keep them for the next shopping. Offering them excellent quality, well-branded bags can be one way to encourage them to reuse them. And if you’re wondering where you can get such reusable bags, Custom Earth Promos have got your back.


3. Dispose of responsibly

turned on silver iMac on table

As the saying goes,’’ cleanliness is second lines to Godliness.’’ So, not only should you keep yourself and your house clean, but you should also ensure your surrounding is clean. Don’t go spitting on the road or throwing litters all over the place. Ensure you dispose of dirt in the right place into the litter bin. And also take responsibility for letting your friends know about it too.

4. Save water

clear drinking glass on gray surface

Don’t misuse water. Make sure to close any tap while not in use and even ensure that all the valves are in good condition and have no leakage. Again, you can use different methods to harvest rainwater and make use of it. Saving on water is not only good for the surrounding but also your wallet.

5. Save energy

man sitting near door way reading paper

You should as well reduce energy usage to protect the environment and also to reduce your utility bills. You can do this by using a bicycle or walking instead of a car, turning off the light during the day, using the washing machine only when you have a big laundry, etc.

6.Tree planting

green leafed plant

Deforestations affects the climate change causing drought. Adding more plants in our environment instead of cutting down trees can be of great help. Use other alternatives for fuel rather than charcoals and plant more trees to your area to avoid drought and even death in your community.

Every little thing you do count. Let it start with you. Now that you know what is the right and wrong choice to do the right and be responsible for your environment. After all, if you don’t do it, you and your loved ones will be affected. So, stop any bad habit that could harm our surroundings and start mobilizing people to do the right things to care for our environment.

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