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Since being launched barely two years ago, Google+ has been making waves in the social networking scene. Currently, it boasts more than 100 million users. As a result, many people are now recognizing the marketing potential of Google+ for business. The network operates using the concept of ‘Circles’. Circles enable users to place the people in their network under different categories

The following are some suggestions on how to effectively use Google+ for business.

1. Create a unique link

The default URL of a Google+ page usually consists of an intelligible string of characters. Such a URL would not be of any SEO value to your brand or business. However, there several link-shortening services which you can use to create a unique G+ URL which can be easily remembered. Some of the most commonly used shortening services include is, and

2. Use attractive images

Images are very important elements for your Google+ pages. Make sure the logo for your business appears prominently on your profile. In addition, you can post photos of events, new products and special offers.

3. Make use of Hangouts

The Hangout is a feature which makes Google+ standout from other social media networks. It is a group video chat which makes it possible for several people to meet and converse at the same time. This feature can be used by businesses to offer more personalized customer service, hold staff meetings and hosting Q&A sessions.

4. Include a G+ button on your site

Having a G+ button on your site will give visitors the opportunity to follow your business on Google+, as well as share your posts. You can add +1 buttons to your site easily using the coding tools provided by Google.

5. Optimize your page

A well-optimized G+ business page can attract a lot of traffic from Google, thus enhancing the ranking of your site. One of the best ways of optimizing your page is by adding links to YouTube videos, product pages and popular blog posts.

6. Share posts in different circles

Google+ Circles allow you to place your contacts under different categories. Anytime you create a new post, you can decide which Circles to share it with. Therefore, this feature enables you to share targeted information with particular G+ users. For instance, you could share a promotional offer with the general public, and a more exclusive offer with your main customers. Google+ Circles offers numerous possibilities for target marketing.

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