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Pinterest is a great, new tool for organizing links to just about anything. It models a cork board for organization style, but it is possible to do much more with Pinterest than with a cork board alone.

It has a convenient interface for creating boards as parent categories for links. Links are kept as visual pins rather than boring text, using a relevant image from the page. This image could be a product or an example image showing a remodeling technique.

Pinterest also allows users to search other boards with similar topics and to follow the boards of users who have similar interests. Members can even set up boards to work with other contributors on collaborative projects. This makes Pinterest the perfect place for organizing tips and details for home improvement projects.

Signing Up

Currently, Pinterest is invitation only. While you can ask the site administrators for an invitation, there is a waiting list, so it’s better to find a friend who already belongs to the network. Every Pinterest user can send out invitations.

While you are waiting for the invitation, you still have access to check out the site. There is a wealth of neatly organized information pinned to boards on almost any topic.

Even after you have your membership, Pinterest is a good place for starting and sharing research. Chances are any home improvement topic you are interested in already has resources pinned on another board.

Using the Search Function

Try searching by the room name, topic or fixture for fast results. If you like some of the pins another member has, just repin them to your own remodeling boards! If you like a user’s boards, you might also consider following them on Pinterest in order to keep up with updates to their remodeling plans.

Comparison Shopping with Pinterest

The web literally has millions of resources for Do-It-Yourself home improvement and remodeling projects. At the beginning of a project, anything you find seems interesting, but in practice no one can use every good do-it-yourself technique on just one house.

With Pinterest, you’re free to collect as many techniques as you like and drop the ones you can’t use later. The same is true with products.

Pinterest’s graphical style makes it very easy to put fixtures, appliances and furniture side-by-side on the board while you do your shopping research. One of the best structures for side-by-side comparison is to make one board per room. For example you could have a board for the kitchen and find granite worktops to compare them against quartz. All in one place!

In the end, you’re probably going to choose only one bathtub for the bathroom, but it helps to be able to see all possible choices grouped together so you can make up your mind.


Pinterest users can also set up collaborative boards. Using this handy feature, whole they whole family can contribute to the choice of fixtures and techniques for the remodeling project.

Integration with Social Networks

Because Pinterest is connected directly to Facebook and Twitter, it’s easy to ask for your friends’ opinions and advice when it comes to choosing between products or techniques. Sharing is as easy as a mouse click because your friends are all connected via Facebook and Twitter.

They can suggest pins for your remodeling project through these social networks, or provide feedback regarding a product or appliance. Many eyes on a project can often improve the choices and help you avoid common pitfalls.

The visual organization doesn’t only help when it comes to choosing the best appliances and furniture for room décor, but it’s equally good for organizing tips, techniques, and design projects as well.

Faux finish directions and how-to videos are easy to compare to appliances, fixtures, furniture, soft furnishings and coordinating techniques when using the Pinterest board structure.

Compile and Eliminate

After you’ve spent some time pinning various items, it’s time to start the process of elimination. Keep only the best combinations in each room. It is just as simple to unpin an item as it was to pin it in the first place.

Pinterest is the perfect tool for organizing tips for home-improvement and remodeling projects. It allows users to quickly create links to different videos, products and tips with an easy to recognize visual reference. With each room set up as a separate board, it is easy for home re-modelers to choose between different finishes, techniques and decorating styles.


In reality, this example is just a gist of what Pinterest could be used for. It’s mind blowing how much valuable content is available at your finger tips. Monetizing it correctly and knowing what to search for will enable you to achieve great things. Pinterest’s staggering growth/success has caught wildfire and is not slowing down anytime soon.

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