Believe it or not, ‘sophisticated writing’ is not the same as academic writing. Opting for long-winded sentences or ‘flowery’ words is not the way to go. Copy-pasting online content could also get you into trouble.

If you want to write an essay but you’re pressed for time, don’t worry. Instead, follow these tips and you’ll be writing well soon enough.


1. Create a favorable environment first.

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Create a better environment that enhances productivity. While students can have different preferences, one thing that’s common is that they get easily distracted. Keep social media and smartphones away. Switch devices off if it can’t be avoided. This will make your environment conducive for writing.


2. Take time to read the requirements.

You might make mistakes and fail to interpret things properly if you’re in a hurry. That’s why it’s important to read the requirements and make sure you understand them. You’ll make it easier for yourself, as well as achieve better results if you do this.


3. Get all the resources needed.

Proper planning is a valuable step. Acquire the needed books, make sure you have enough paper, know how many hours you need, etc. Read to get a rough idea for your topic. Then get the main points for your essay.


4. Take a break.

The process of writing can be tiresome. It requires a lot of energy and diligence. So it’s important to take breaks to refresh your attention span. Make these breaks short, so you’ll have time to finish your essay. This technique can in fact, boost productivity and concentration.


5. Don’t get distracted.

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If you’re anything like the average student, then you probably have several social media accounts. While working on the essay, try not to keep checking your notifications. Finish it at the appointed time so you can later relax on your favorite social media platform. Otherwise, you’ll just end up getting distracted and playing on your phone.


6. Don’t use deceptive tricks.

Don’t think that essay will magically become longer if you increase the margins or font size. These tricks will just make your essay look poorly formatted. These are bad techniques that will only annoy your professors. Lots of students have tried these tactics already. Some even copy content they found on Google. But these tricks are frowned upon by professors.

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