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As a freelance web designer, a main portion of your business activities must revolve around connecting with those who are most likely to buy your applications or become future clients. The best way to do this in today’s interconnected online world is to use social media networks such as Twitter. By connecting with audiences through Twitter, your products and services will remain top of mind for them and will advance your career as a web developer.

While Twitter can be an effective outlet for connecting with audiences, it can also hinder your web development efforts if used improperly. As such, here are four tips to help you effectively incorporate Twitter into your online social media efforts.

Share Project Announcements


If you’re working on a hot new application or other important project, your Twitter followers will enjoy receiving updates on the project’s progress. These Twitter updates can help them feel connected to the project creation process and will help to keep your development activities fresh in their minds. A few great examples of web developers using Twitter effectively for project announcements are John Resig and Eric Meyer.

Connect with Fellow Developers


An important aspect of being a successful web developer is connecting with others in your profession. These connections can help advance your web development skills and can also act as inspiration to collaborate with others on future projects.

Twitter is the perfect place to connect with other web developers and to follow those who you find most inspiring. Cameron Moll and Andy Budd are just two of the many great web developers worth following on Twitter.

Share Your Online Efforts

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If you have a blog, a website or other online efforts, your Twitter followers will want to know when these outlets are updated. By posting announcements to Twitter regarding these updates, you can save your fans the trouble of visiting each individual source separately in search of new information. Of course, there’s such a thing as information overkill, so take care to not overload your Twitter followers with useless website updates.

Don’t Abuse Follower Trust


People will begin following you on Twitter because they enjoy the information you provide. However, someone can just as easily un-follow you. As such, it’s very important to not overload your followers with sales prompts or useless information.

Sure, a main part of your social media efforts is to advance your business, but you must also respect your audience members by providing them with valuable information they can use in their lives. By doing this, you will increase their trust and will remain legitimate in their minds. Chris Coyier is an example of a web design professional using Twitter appropriately to engage and entertain his followers.

As you’re likely well aware, a career in web design can be extremely profitable and rewarding. By effectively connecting with your target audience members through online social media networks such as Twitter, you can develop a stronger online presence and become more confident in the future of your web development business.

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