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Portable document format or PDFs as referred by many individuals have been trending for quite some time now. You have probably heard about them at school, around your workplace, or come across the word while browsing on the internet and you have no idea on what exactly it means.

How much do you know them? To allow you to understand the concept better, here is a list of some of the things that you probably do not know about PDFs.


What is a PDF?

PDF File format

For starters, it is good to understand what the concept means and why it is crucial. The descriptor stands for portable document format, and this type of documentation was introduced to promote sharing of large documents between computers and operating system platforms especially when the file cannot be modified but has to be shared and printed. You will find that almost every individual has a PDF reader program on their computers or mobile phones such as Adobe which helps them open such files with ease.


PDF is the most loved type of files on the internet

You probably did not know about this, and yes, you read it right. The fact is, about 80% of data shared online across the globe are PDF files. Possibilities are, every time you make an online search you will see at least one PDF file version on each search result page.

Also, maybe you have already downloaded this file from time to time and had no idea that it was a PDF. Do you remember that relationship advice eBook you downloaded or a contract with your client you needed to read and had to download it first? It might have been in PDF version.


The files are cross-platform compatible

printed out PDF file laying on top of a desk

This is the primary reason why they are loved and preferred by most organizations. Unlike word documents which were specifically designed for Microsoft, the best part about PDFs is that they were not crafted for a particular software or platformThis; meaning you can use it on any computer and once you download the file, the text, layout, graphics, fonts, and color on the original data are maintained. Sounds great, right?


The files are easy to use

You do not need to have the expertise to work with PDFs. Today you will realize that most office suites give you the option of saving your work directly as a PDF. Besides, there are numerous PDF software such as PDFSimpli available today meant to assist you to work with PDFs if you find it complicated. The tool can help you create files, edit, make any changes them and convert them into PDFs real quick with minimum hassle.


You will love their compression

It is frustrating when you try to save a file but unfortunately, you cannot due to its size. Files get bigger and bigger every time you add an element be it an image or any other fancy thing. You will be amazed to know that converting such files into PDF will compress them by over 20% of their initial size.

Imagine working with ten such files and you turn them all to PDFs. The space saved in such case will help you create amazingly large storage that you can use for other things and allow you to transfer the files with minimum complications.

With all these revealed points about PDFs, it is safe to say that you have a better comprehension of what they are and how beneficial they can be to you and your organization. Do not struggle with big documents anymore. PDF conversions are the answer to your struggles and how do you achieve that?

Get the PDFSimpli software which allows you to convert your documents from any format to PDFs effectively and ensures that your documents are safe. It is the best version of PDF converters.

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