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Building trust on your website should be your top most priority. Because you are dealing with ecommerce or for that matter, trying to support your on ground business with a digital presence, then you need to win your customers heart in order to have his/her investment.

1. First impressions

Taking care of the first impression should be your priority. What does the user see when he first visits your website? Having a warm welcome note or a brief introduction about your company and services, will always add to the charm and make you look more authentic. Make sure your first page, the opening look of your website, represents your brand. Familiarity with your identity will go a long way in building that first impression.

2. The ‘About us’ and ‘Mission statement’ sections

The sections on your website that talk about you are very important. Who are you? Who are the people behind your website and your organization? Why are you working in this field?

These are some of the questions that the About us section should deal with. Founding members should be introduced on the pages and their field of work, experience should be highlighted to create a positive impact. The point is to explain the purpose of your site so that the user feels more confident about exploring your services.

3. ‘Contact us’ page

You must have a contact us page. This adds value to your website and helps your user connect with you. Now, depending on your business model, you can either have your address listed with your phone number, or you could simply have an online form that lets the user fill in his queries and you can easily reply to his e-mail id. In either case, having the contact info listed is important because people may have feedback, or queries on products, they may want to strike a deal or various other such factors. Moreover, IF you are selling products on your site, be sure that not displaying contact information on your website is a big downside for your business. Where is the liability in that case?

4. User Friendly Browsing

Usability is undoubtedly the most important factor when it comes to making a purchase or being loyal to a website. Everything that the user desires to seek should be placed in a reachable and findable zone. Take a look at this website:

The user looking for sports articles to be purchased, can easily browse areas of his interest and buy the articles that he thinks are worthy.

Good usability on website gives the user the choice to decide. On the other hand, if he can’t get what he is looking for easily, he will simply leave the site and look at other options for his purchase.

5. Strong Privacy Policy and Secure Transactions

Security is the prime factor to build trust. You trust a person who secures your interest and keeps it foremost. Assure your customers that every purchase detail will not be shared with third parties. Of course, if there are discounts or special benefits pertaining to sharing of information to other parties, then you should let your audience know about it in advance. Regarding purchases, itís mandatory to have secure gateways to protect user identity and account information.

Keeping the above mentioned 5 tips is always useful in building trust on your site. These are like 5 steps or principles that one must follow in order to build trust and relationships. At the end of the day, more than the purchase, itís the relationship that counts. And when we ensure that the relationship is strengthened, the trust is automatically built!

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