The growth of the Internet has paved the way for a multi-billion dollar Web development industry. Naturally thousands of people have jumped into this trade and are offering web design and development services. To stand tall and be counted, web designers need to work on the fundamentals of web development. Here is some food for thought which will help you satisfy your clients and create demand for yourself in the market.

Study Your Project in Detail

Once the deal has been sealed, don’t jump into the design process. This is one of the major mistakes that designers make and thus resulting in a loss of quality time. Spend considerable amount of time understanding the project and needs of your clients and the end users. Foresee the final design in your mind and chalk that out on a piece of paper. This helps improve the overall quality of the delivery.

Communicate the Idea to Your Client        

Before you start with the design process, you need to communicate the idea to your client. Remember it isn’t your website, it’s your client’s and thus they need to make the final call. One of the best ways to do this is to send a JPEG of the homepage and the inner pages to them. This way you can gather inputs which will help you meet your client’s expectations. Also keep the client in the loop at every stage of development.

Work on the Platform

Every website has got its niche demands and you need to address the same with a suitable platform. For instance, if your client is looking for a simple blogging solution, WordPress would serve the purpose, while in case of online stores you might need to use Magento etc. Likewise, a website that is purely meant for desktop/laptop users will be different from a responsive website and you need to choose the technology and platform accordingly.

Maintain Consistency

It’s very important that you maintain consistency with your project as this adds to the visual appeal of the website. Be it a button or an image, you need to be consistent throughout the website. It is often a good idea to have a pen and paper by your side and note down the various aspects relating to consistency such as the size of images, colors used etc.

Execute What You Plan

Planning or conceptualizing a website is only 50% of the job and you need to execute the plan to the last pixel to meet a convincing end. Don’t over-promise.


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Because you would then have to exceed the expectations. Rather go slow and try executing the project bit by bit and delivering more than the expectation of the client. This will boost your confidence as well as your rating in the industry.

Plan for the Unexpected

There are often situations when unexpected thing happen with the project, such as a hit by unexpected bugs. In such situations you shouldn’t panic, rather try and look for the root of the problem. If you need an extension from your client, ask for the same rather than delivering a project which will earn you a bad reputation.

Team Spirit Is Vital

If you are working in an agency where the project is being handled by a number of people, team spirit is a must. Don’t work in a style that suits you but one that suits the entire team. Pace yourself along with the team. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about the project with different members of the team even if that issue doesn’t concern your profile in the project.

All these can go a long way in improving the end quality of the product and earning you and your firm a good name in the industry.  All these points that we have highlighted may not be applicable in case of all web designers but nonetheless collectively they help you serve your clients in a much more professional manner.

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