In a world that’s consistently switching over from the brick-and-mortar days of the past to digital, e-commerce shops and businesses, it might seem like the place for human resources roles, management, and employees is gradually dwindling. On the contrary, though, the need for a human resource role in e-commerce industries is stronger than ever.

As the e-commerce industry continues to boom and expand, the need for human resources roles will only increase along with it. Whether a business is simply expanding their physical shop to an e-commerce shop or is simply opening a sole, internet shop with no physical address, the need for human resource never deteriorates.

With e-commerce shops like JJ’s House, the human resource role has always remained a strong, necessary, and pertinent role in the function of the businesses themselves.

Why? We’re glad you asked. Check out a few of these reasons from Very Voga and JJ’s House.


Human Connection is Everything

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Sure, it’s a digital world, but a company cannot run on IT alone. While your ecommerce shop might be functioning solely online, the reality is, living and breathing employees are still the mechanics behind the lifeblood of this shop, and while you can automate several parts of a business, the protocol by which employees deal with each other and work together needs human touch.

You can’t automate a human resource role that needs to solve consistently changing, growing, and evolving issues – only a human being in a human resource role can handle this. All of this summed up to say, though your ecommerce business might be run solely online and through automation, the humans behind the scenes still need human resource tools.


Tech-Savvy Human Touch Makes a Difference

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When it comes to the humans who are working in your e-commerce business, you’re going to need to take direct, transparent approaches and procedures simply because of the nature of your business. Adding in a competent, helpful human resource team to your e-commerce company can help to increase the flow of knowledge, transfer on-the-job information faster and better, and create an open, honest, work culture where employees can best understand their responsibilities and feel comfortable in their work environment.

In other words, having a specialized human resource team in your e-commerce business can help all of your work to flow smoother, giving you less issues to deal with so you can focus on what you need to focus on – running your business.

HR is Necessary for Adaptations and Change

If e-commerce businesses had to be characterized by one thing, it would be that they’re consistently evolving. All of that change, though helpful from a business standpoint, will require time, effort, explanation, and adjustment from your employees.

All of this consistent change and adjustment needs to be handled by a human resource department, employee, or staffer to help your other employees gradually accept, learn, and evolve with the changes that are happening in your e-commerce business.

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