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Are you the person who loves to see everything in order?

You are not alone. If you are obsessed with organising, perhaps you should channel your efforts towards your wardrobe.

They are notoriously hard to keep, but if you want to, you can have a neat and attractive wardrobe in a matter of hours. You only need dividers, wall hooks, and shoe racks to begin. Here are the 11 ideas to organize your wardrobe.


1. Organize Your Clothes According to Type

d, white, and black scoop-neck top

Throwing all your clothes on your bed and creating an enormous fabric mountain is inefficient.

It’s better to group your clothes in categories like dresses, pants, tops, undergarments, etc. Donate all the clothes you don’t like to create a space.


2. Hang Your Clothes Strategically

Hanging your clothes without even thinking is the easiest way to mess up your wardrobe and make it a hell of fabrics.

Put your things in order. Hang blouses first, tops next, and skirts above the built-in shelves. Long dresses and trousers should be hanged if there is nothing underneath.


3. Make Use of Hangers

clothes lot

You will never exhaust all the hangers in the world. New ones are made every day. It’s okay to use as many as you like.

Instead of hanging several shirts on a single hanger, hang one shirt on each, and use organizers that can take the room of one hanger for five hangers instead.


4. Use Another Room if You Need To

If you have no room for a wardrobe in your bedroom, no need to worry! You can turn your office or study into a wardrobe.

That way, you can have the whole space to stash your designer dress, your tracksuits, sneakers, and your erotic lingerie that makes your partner go crazy, and still have some little space left to do your job.


5. Design Your Ideal Wardrobe

Different companies are offering various services, and you can be sure that there is someone who can organize your wardrobe for you at a fee, but if you have the time and money, why not do it yourself?

For instance, you can modify the show organizer to store your t-shirts, and use large plastic beans to store your cycling gear, beach clothes, hats, and bathing suits.


6. Use Shelf Dividers


Shelves can be so long and challenging when it comes to storing things in them. Clothes can trespass the boundaries with time, so to build a wall you won’t need the approval of the parliament.

Buy dividers for your shelves and prevent your pullovers from trespassing into the “Republic of t-shirts.”  It’s something like dividing and conquering.


7. Why Not Use Wicker Baskets?

These woven baskets are attractive and unique. Besides, they give your wardrobe a fantastic look, and you need to support art.

These baskets help keep your slippers, sweatpants, and towels out of sight and make them look chic on the open shelves. The woven storage baskets are very cheap, and you can get them from Amazon.


8. Thick Items like Pullovers and Denim Should be Stacked

Save your hanging space and drawers by stacking pullovers and denim jeans in different piles. These items are naturally thick, and you could use that drawer or hanger space for something else.

Folding them carefully will ensure that they maintain shape when you get them stacked. You will also be able to find everything you are looking for clearly.


9. Store Shoes on the back of Your Door

Store Shoes on the back of Your Door

All your Nike trainers, Balenciaga, Converse, heals, and stilettos can be stored on the back of the door. You just have to be smart.

Buy a shoe pocket organizer and hang it on the back of your door. You can be putting your shoes in it.


10. Take Advantage of the Wasted Wall Space

hanging cloth on the wall

You can make your room colourful by utilizing the empty wall space. Rather than hanging your scarves, belts, and your ties on hangers, do this.

Attach a towel bar on the wall space and hang your stuff there. It will make your room more attractive.


11. Store Clothes You Wear the Most Where You Can Access Them Easily

Keep everything you frequently wear at eye level to make it easy to grab them in the morning.

The clothes you wear less often should be put behind your favourite clothes or under them.



Your wardrobe can tell if you are an orderly person or not. Use these 11 ideas to create your dream wardrobe.

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