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Many Internet users just read all the information they find online, and until they don’t actually need an article like the ones they read every day while surfing the Web, they don’t ask where those articles come from. There are literally thousands and thousands of these articles that circle the Internet, and when it comes to topics, there aren’t many things that don’t have thousands of articles written about them. Clothing, nutrition and dieting, SEO services – you just need to type the words into your browser and in matter of seconds you’ll get the list of the best articles on this subject.

Article Marketing for Online Businesses

Even though not everyone has adopted this practice, article marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business and gain customers. There are many great article writing sites and writers that will offer their writing services to you. The best part of this is that hiring freelance writers doesn’t have to come with sky-high prices, as most writers of a high caliber will offer to write articles for your company at reasonable prices.

How Article Marketing Works

The magic behind the concept of article marketing is pretty simple. First of all, you need to do some research on the most popular article directories where you’ll post articles. After you familiarize yourself with some writing platforms such as Articlesbase, EzineArticles and other popular websites of this kind, you will need to find a writer who is capable of providing you with the content of exceptional quality. In order to be able to make a selection, you will need to do research on websites such as Freelancer and oDesk, where you will be able to post a project and describe what you need in detail. At this point you have finished a great portion of your task.

How Can You Use Articles to Promote Your Business?

After you have found a writer to write articles for you, you will need to instruct the writer to use specific keywords, and make sure they use a specific keyword density, or simply said repeat a keyword phrase a certain number of times through the article. However, you should keep in mind to gather the information about keyword density allowed on various sites, as some of these sites will refuse to publish your piece if it has more than 5% keyword density, while other will not tolerate a density greater than 1%.

You need to make sure the content of the articles you publish is great, informative and original. After all, these articles are what will make the readers click on your company’s link. Now, your articles should have a resource box where you’ll put your contact information or a link to your website. Note that some sites such as EzineArticles don’t allow for resource boxes to be only promotional. Instead, your articles should be connected to your resource box.

Finally, if the content you give your readers is interesting as well as it reflects your professionalism, the readers will surely click on your company’s website link. Owing to the fact that the first-time visitors can easily become your clients, article marketing seems very close to inevitable as far as Internet marketing goes.

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