Importance of Image in Websites

‘A Picture paints a thousand words’ is a Chinese proverb and no doubt this is very true.  Picture always plays great role whether if it is to make audience interactive or if to make things look better. Similarly for the webmasters also, pictures have great role.  Sure they look good, but did you know those pretty images can help improve your search engine optimization? Here we will discuss some advantages of placing pictures in a blog or a websites for a webmaster.

Makes Webpage look beautiful

No doubt, If you place a picture in a blog or your website, it looks little more attractive.  A page without picture looks bold and ugly and thus no people try to read those posts. This happens mostly with the new visitors. People on the Internet seems to browse more and more content while they are online. So they never stay on a site for a long time until they find something important. When you enter a webpage then first thing you notice is a picture, so you must first try to design your webpage with beautiful pictures. Make sure the images are high quality, nothing is worse than a blurry low resolution picture! Not only will this help your site stand out, but also increase the probability of being clicked on Goolge Images.

Provides you some Traffic

Additionally placing images to your Webpage helps you provide some images. There are many people who search for different images in the web. If the name of the images matches the search name, then your images will be displayed in different image search engines like Google image, Yahoo image search and more. This helps people come to your web site through an image search. This knowledge is based on my personal experience as in one of my music blog, 20% of visitors used to be from image search. Although these visitors are not much interactive, they can just helps to increase impressions of your ads if you have any. So optimize your images by adding the image name in the image alt tag that best describes your image and then you can get some additional visitors to your site with an image search engine. Don’t be silly, and leave the image named “pic1,” IMG549734,” or “SWUFDW.”

Get your Website optimized

Have you known this or not, images also helps to get your website optimized. Suppose you have an image in a page that names ‘virtual keyboard’ then you need to make the name of the image something related to virtual keyboard. If you add your keyword in image alt tag then this will be an addition task if you are making effort to make your site well optimized. This statement can also be proved. When I searched Google for my page then I saw some contents that were displayed in the result but I never added those words there. Later when I made result , I realized that those terms were added as an alternate tag in my image. This proved that Google crawls the image alt tag also.

This is the main reason why you should always add images to your website. Images have broad advantages for webmaster. Being a webmaster, I would always suggest to add images in a blog, websites or blog posts. This will enable you to grab the readers attention, and give him a reason to discover more content on your site.  Now stop and look at this article as whole, do you think it would look better with images? See, I told you so!

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