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People have always been attracted to useful things. This goes double for a Facebook page for a small business. Potential customers want a page that can help them in their search for the best deals and the greatest companies on the web.

Using Apps to make a site extremely appealing to viewers is a fantastic way to attract visitors to a site and show them how a product or service can benefit their life. Below are three Apps that can increase the popularity of a Facebook page, translating to more subscribers and more exposure for a small business.

Welcome Page App

Unfortunately, the default functions of a Facebook page do not lend themselves well to online marketing. This is because Facebook was designed as a social site and not a business one. That means it requires a bit of adaptation to make a Facebook page work well as a means of business exposure.

The first step in converting a Facebook Page into a business site is to use a welcome page App. This basically gives you a page that can be changed to fit your needs. The welcome page will be the first thing that potential customers see, so it is important to make it stand out. Having an extra page to convince people to like your Facebook page will increase its popularity dramatically.

RSS Graffiti App

RSS Graffiti

Another vital step in making a Facebook page useful for customers is to provide them with important information about your business. If you are running a company website and a Facebook page, then you are forced to update two locations each time there is new information to share.

That is where this App comes into play. It lets business update information on a Facebook page with a stream directly from the businesses website. This will make a Facebook page a great place for people to gain information about any special deals or promotions going on. Communication is the key to customer retention and this App will help with that while making a Facebook page more appealing to potential customers.

Testimonials App

It is important to get feedback from customers. This will help a small business know what it can do to improve its Facebook page as well as its services. Positive comments, when published, will also attract more customers and let them know what businesses are worth checking out.

An App that allows the posting of good Facebook page reviews is a must for increasing the popularity of a page, as it gives voice to how great your page is. Others will see how the page has benefited them and be much more interested in finding out more for themselves.

Using these three apps will increase the popularity of a Facebook page without much extra effort on the part of the Facebook page owner. As an added bonus, these Apps are free, making them a great way to earn more money without paying extra yourself. A useful page is a popular page and will bring in customers to an amazing degree.

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