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Deciding on a tattoo design can be an overwhelming task. Although a lot of people are satisfied with an exact image from flash or graphic art, other folks want a personalized design which reflects their distinctive individuality and sense of style. The very first step in creating the best tattoo design for you is getting assistance from a tattoo artist throughout the design stage. If you don’t have an artist in mind, start visiting the sites of local tattoo shops and look at their individual tattoo portfolios.

When browsing through portfolios, keep the concept and artistic style of your design handy, and match that with the expertise and talent of the prospective tattoo artists. For instance, if you are intending to get a portrait tattoo, pick from artists who are experienced in portraiture and realistic looks. Alternatively, if you’re thinking more of an abstract style, make a choice from the pool of artists that display a strong line work and shading of contemporary tattoo styles.

Think about the purpose or inspiration behind your desired tattoo style and inform the artist about it. Constructing a custom piece is a very personal process in which you take great care in expressing what you feel or think of in a permanent manner. When deciding what to capture in a design, take into account the things, memories, or events that have influenced you or genuinely show your identity. Keep in mind that the design doesn’t have to be a literal representation; it can also work as a metaphorical statement. Perhaps your perfect body art shows your love for your partner, your deceased parents, your kids, even pets or anything that has struck you as exquisite or poignant.

Some tattoos are meant to be memorial pieces for departed loved ones even if the design isn’t a portrait. Normally, a butterfly or a line from a favorite poem or song becomes a great tattoo design. Your life tells your own story, so pick a single event and try to envision what it would look like through imagery. If you’re able to do that, you’re on the right track to the perfect custom tattoo design.

The best thing about tattoos is its individualism. It’s a unique expression of what you are and what you want to share with the world. If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect tattoo design, here are 40 incredible tattoo designs and ideas you can take inspiration from.

Tattooed by Steven Natali at Urban Element Tattoo. Denver, CO

Adobe Tattoo



amazing tattoo


Paint tattoo by Amanda Wachob

Nazareno Tubaro

Mad Tea Party


Pietro Sedda

deformed heart



shoulder flower

Tattoos by Mark Cross

Geometric Full Sleeve Tattoo

Day of the dead

















Tattoos by Brezinski4

Tattoos by Brezinski3

Tattoos by Brezinski1

Tattoos by Brezinski


Open and Exit



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