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Ingrid Quinn’s Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

Who is Ingrid Quinn?

Ingrid Quinn is an outstanding Social Worker who came into the limelight due to her relationship and marriage to renowned actor and producer David Boreanaz. Quinn is the kind of woman who values her privacy as she’s currently not on any social media.

Quinn is a beautiful woman with a banging body and a fashion sense that accentuates her physique. She is Caucasian Irish and has light brown hair and eyes.

While the information on this charitable woman is relatively scarce, here’s what we know:

Quick Facts

Full Name: Ingrid Quinn
Popular Name: Ingrid Quinn
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 1970
Age: 51 years
Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Birth Place: N/A
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Irish
Education: N/A
Marital Status: Divorced. David Boreanaz (1997-1999)
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wife/Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
Dating: N/A
Net Worth: $500,000
Source of Wealth: Social Work
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A

Personal Life and Marriage to David Boreanaz

Social worker and former wife of David Boreanaz, Ingrid Quinn, was born in the United States. Although information about her parents, siblings, and childhood are more or less non-existent on the internet, it’s safe to say Quinn had a decent childhood, judging by how she turned out.

The same goes for her birthday, hobbies, and other personal information about her. Only she is privy to these essential details.

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Before being in the public eye, Ingrid Quinn did substantial work as a social worker in different organizations. In 1994 she met the actor in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, David Boreanaz, and the two began dating. Boreanaz admits that at the time they met, he was struggling in his career. He stated explicitly that Quinn is a fierce woman and that she was his most significant support during those difficult times.

The pair decided to tie the knot in June 1997. In the early stages of their marriage, Ingrid Quinn and Boreanaz were steady as a nail. Unfortunately, the good times didn’t last. Their marital issues began when David Boreanaz had to work three to four nights per week on the set of “Angel and Buffy.” Boreanaz spent long hours on set, which led him to get too close with his cast members.

This development made Ingrid apprehensive. She even started to pay surprise visits to her ex-husband at work, a routine that was highly unappreciated by Boreanaz. He didn’t like her “spying on him or trying to control him.” Ingrid was doubtful of her husband’s fidelity. Boreanaz felt policed by his ex-wife’s actions.

These irreconcilable differences led David Boreanaz to file for a divorce. By 1999, the couple had completed their divorce process and went their separate ways.

The Aftermath of the Divorce

One year after his divorce, David Boreanaz married American model and actress Jaime Bergman. On the other hand, Ingrid Quinn has kept a low profile since her divorce. Her seclusion from the prying eyes of the media makes it impossible to know what she does currently, her dating status, and any other personal information about her.

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Ingrid Quinn’s Net Worth and Income

With all that has been said so far, it’s pretty evident that Ingrid Quinn prefers to stay away from public scrutiny. Her whereabouts and social media handles are unknown, so it is no surprise that her income is also undisclosed.

From what we know, Ingrid Quinn’s estimated net worth is $500,000. She also received a reasonable sum of alimony from her divorce from David Boreanaz.

Lessons from the Life of Ingrid Quinn

Undoubtedly, Ingrid has lived the larger part of her life away from the public’s prying eyes. However, there is much to gain from how she lived her life. Here are a few lessons from the life of Ingrid Quinn:

Be an Anchor for your Loved Ones

David Boreanaz attested to the fact that Ingrid is indeed a force to reckon with. Fierce and supportive, she stood by her partner through the most challenging moments in his career. Ingrid stayed in that relationship even when things were not going well for Boreanaz because she believed in what he could do.

This situation teaches us not to focus only on present conditions but also consider what potential our loved ones possess. Leverage your knowledge of this potential and use that to encourage them until they achieve their dreams.

Peace over Publicity

From the onset, it was clear that Ingrid Quinn was not cut out for the celebrity lifestyle, not while she was married to David Boreanaz, not after her divorce. The fact that she recognized that she did not need all the attention and noise that comes from being in the public eye is highly commendable.

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So many celebrities suffer from critical mental health problems because of how draining it is to have the media’s attention constantly. Ingrid has shown us that not everyone is about that flashy lifestyle and that it is entirely okay. If you’re like Ingrid Quinn, honor your need for privacy and create a life for yourself, which allows you to thrive.


Why Can’t I Find Any Information on Ingrid Quinn?

Like Kerry Washington and Julia Roberts, Ingrid Quinn is an extremely private woman. In other words, there’s little to nothing one can find about her on the internet. It is also worthy of note that she did not choose to be in the limelight.

Quinn was a social worker who fell in love with famous actor and director David Boreanaz. Therefore, it is no surprise that she has been very intentional about maintaining a low profile since their divorce in 1999.

Why did Ingrid Quinn and David Boreanaz divorce?

Boreanaz started spending a lot of time on the set of “Angel and Buffy.” Ingrid was specifically suspicious of how comfortable her ex-husband had become with one of his female cast members.

Clearly, David Boreanaz did not find any of these suspicions rational. On the contrary, he felt she was being too controlling, which he didn’t like, so he filed for a divorce.

What Does Ingrid Quinn Do Currently?

While married to David Boreanaz, Ingrid Quinn quit her job as a social worker. In the aftermath of her divorce, she retreated from the public eye. Therefore, we cannot know for sure if she has resumed work as a social worker or if she ventured into something entirely different.