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There is no doubt about it. Videos have found their way into everyone’s hearts, whether it’s because of that cute cat trying to chase after its own tail or the staggering amount of people who went through the ice bucket challenge to help people with ALS. But videos do not only have a huge impact when it comes to personal entertainment. Videos also have a more intense level of power when it comes to business, allowing you to push your boundaries and grab the attention you need to make your business work. Yes, it works even better when used for startups.

The Video Effect

Videos definitely have the power to convince people that your brand is worth supporting, whether you’re looking for investors who can help you turn your ideas into reality, partners who can provide the resources that you lack, or customers who can pledge their loyalty. Why are videos a great way to introduce your business, brand, products or services?

For one thing, there are so many channels that you can take advantage of should you choose to use videos for your marketing strategy. YouTube alone has over a billion active users, generating an average of 4 billion views on a daily basis. Imagine how far your video can actually reach. And these numbers do not even include users who are on Vine, Facebook, Instagram, and any other platform that allows you to upload or share videos.

Videos are also excellent in attracting not only visual learners, but audio learners as well. Everybody watches videos; it’s just a matter of knowing how to grab their attention to keep them watching through the entire thing. Now just imagine if you can capture that attention that you’re looking for. Your video would have the ability to make your brand known, make anybody curious about what you have to offer, and make believers out of your brand.

Powerful Startup Videos

Of course, it’s not just about the fact that you made an actual video for your business. It’s what’s inside the video and how you present it that counts. It would all depend on who your audience is and what kind of personality you want to show to this audience.

The following startup videos are works of genius. Watch each of them and see just how great each of them is in holding you captive in front of your screens, and be inspired to make a video that’s just as great, if not greater.

1. Airbnb connects people all over the world who have space to spare with those looking for a place to stay.

2. PadMapper

Make apartment hunting suck less.

3. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a heat map tool that shows why your visitors aren’t converting.

4. Amazon Dash Button

With Amazon Dash Button, you just press, and never run out. Choose from favorite household products.

5. Facebook Payments In Messenger

Facebook introduces free friend-to-friend payments through messages.

6. Woodpost

For the first time, moments captured on your phone can easily turned into beautiful story on wood.

7. Stream is a video platform that enables anyone with a mobile device to broadcast and share life’s experiences as they happen.

8. Flow Home

Flowhome connects directly to everything that matters. It stylishly organizes system notifications and social network streams into one feed.

9. Ride Leap

Take the hassle out of getting to work. Leap is the daily commute you’ll love.

10. Google Calendar for iOS

Google Calendar is designed to be a helpful assistant, so you can spend less time managing your day, and more time enjoying it.

11. Paperspace

Paperspace is a full computer you can access from any web browser.

12. Notabli

Notabli makes it easy to save and organize your child’s great moments.

13. Stampsy

A single place to share, curate and discover visual content that tells a story.

14. The Grid

The Grid harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to take everything you throw at it – videos, images, text, urls and more – and automatically shape them into a custom website unique to you.

15. Immiguru

Immiguru is a web-based database containing 1005 processes to 89 countries checked by 161 independent immigration service providers around the world.

16. Skillshare

Learn anything from anyone, anywhere.

17. Minbox

Send files faster than Dropbox.

18. Panorama9

Monitor and manage your IT environment from the cloud.

19. Mint

Mint brings all your financial accounts together online, automatically categorizes your transactions, lets you set budgets & helps you achieve your savings goals.


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