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Icons are everywhere. You’ll find them on the keyboard, on road signs, on any gadget UI – you name it, you’ll surely find an icon related to it. Icons are great marketing add-ons because they help viewers better figure out and interpret information. They are also great in supporting content.

From an online marketing POV, icons are significant. They make the web design appear and act more efficiently. Different industries and niches use symbols to drive a point and engage viewers. They also make website and blog designs a lot better.

Take business and insurance for instance. Most insurance companies use icons on their websites, blogs, and social media platforms. The symbols are also a fun way to engage visitors and educate them about the topics.

Health insurance for instance, companies use medical-related illustrations like a syringe, dextrose, stethoscope and the like. For auto insurance, companies use car-related icons like tires, gas pumps, fuel and so on. For travel insurance, agencies use illustrations of travel bags, passports, and airport routes.

Insurance icons help put content in a nutshell. They quickly sum up that the topic or text is all about. They can also communicate content quickly. If you’re on an insurance website and see travel bag icons, you’ll immediately know that it’s about travel insurance. If you see hospital bed images, you’ll know it’s about health insurance. If you see road sign icons, you’ll automatically know it’s associated with car insurance.

The great thing about icons is they tell a story or give information through pictures. Photos are rarely dull. Tons of icon designers create illustrations and graphics that are appealing to the eyes.

They also make sure that the icons complement the web design, banner and even the overall color palette of the site. Insurance icons draw the attention of viewers, so they also increase content readability. Instead of standard text or bullets, icons can make the page livelier and more engaging.

If you’re looking for great flat icons for your insurance website or blog, we’ve curated the best packages from Creative Market. Here are 20 packs you may use for personal or commercial use.


20 Great Insurance Icon Sets

1. Man Accident and Traumas Safety

Graphics designed by iconicbestiary, this insurance icon set showcases common accidents and traumas related to health insurance. The art images are lined with linear style isolated on white.

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2. Color Line, Insurance Theme

Created by howcolour, this set features color line insurance illustrations, icons, graphics, and backgrounds. Each colorful graphic is flat and suitable for web and print uses.

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3. Insurance Icon Thin Line Set

Designed by Stacy, this insurance icon pack features thin color line insurance-related graphics. All vector illustrations are created for web and app use.

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4. Life, House and Car Insurance Thin Line Vector Icons

Created by MicroOne, this insurance pack delivers thin line vector icons associated with life, house and car insurance. It also features signs for home and travel safety.


5. 24 Retirement Saving Icons

Graphic designed by Palau, this 24-piece icon depicts retirement-related illustrations and services. All icons are fully editable vectors saved using Adobe Illustration program (EPS10).

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6. Car Insurance Black Lines Icons Set

Created by YershovOleksandr, this car insurance icon set delivers a variety of topics involving auto insurance. The flat line style icons are vectors appropriate for web, business and app use.

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7. Car Crash and Accidents

Created by iconicbestiary, this set of insurance icons is all about vehicular accidents. The thin line icons are colorful, flat vectors isolated on white.

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8. Color Line Business and Finance

Made by howcolour, this set of color line illustrations is related to business and finance. The graphics are colorful, flat, pixel-perfect and designed for web and print use.

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9. Business Icon Set – Natural Line

Created by howcolour, this natural line business icons feature a hand drawn style. The infographics are suitable for web and print media.

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10. Security and Protection

Designed by Vectors Market, this set of thin stroked, pastel shade icons showcase safety and protection-related illustrations. The graphics are often used to portray cyber security and computer protection.

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11. Insurance and Medical Icons

Produced by alekseiderin, this set of images is all related to health insurance. The pack features 40 icons and infographic insurance illustrations which have editable strokes.

Powered by Creative Market


12. Insurance Line Art Icons

Created by anna_leni, this set of line art icons is a bundle made with love. All thin linear insurance-related graphics feature a flawless outline vector used for web and print projects.

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13. Car Insurance Icons

Designed by Maril, this car insurance icon set includes auto-related illustrations like damaged vehicle, car key, mechanic, tire and fuel. The graphics are made for web and app use.

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14. Insurance – Line Icons Set

Produced by Boyko Pictures Shop, this set of line icons is fashioned for all occasions. All graphics are insurance-related and are outlined and colored.


15. 150 Advanced Flat Web Icons

Created by vasabii, this set of icons contains 150 flat web illustrations of different themes – education, business and finance, creative process, SEO and development. The graphics are displayed in three styles: isolated on white, round and on a background.

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16. Business and Education Icons Super Set

Designed by Boyko Pictures, this super bundle of trade and education icons contains 18 sets, 162 items. The graphics deliver an editable stroke thickness feature.

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17. Super Bundle of Essential Icons

Created by Boyko Pictures, this bundle features full LICONICA series icons. The pack contains 12 sets, 108 items primarily related to business, finance and education.

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18. Color Box Icons Bundle

Made by howcolour, this icon bundle includes 500 colorful illustrations and color box elements. The vector icons are designed on a particular grid with infinitely scalable features.

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19. Protection and Security Icons

Designed by filborg, this set of icons features graphics related to protection and security (ex. lock, firewall, magnifying glass, fingerprint and surveillance camera). The set is suitable for web and app use.

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20. The Flat Icons 2000

Created by Last Spark, this set of flat icons contains 2000 fully editable EPS illustrations. The graphics are divided into sets with 50 theme-related icons each.

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All bundles are available for instant purchase and download. It’s better to use premade icons and templates as they help you save time, resources and money.

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