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An artisan is defined as a worker in a skilled trade, often one that requires the use of the hand in producing the finished product. Also known as a craftsperson, an artisan creates beautiful things not only because of a skill that was learned through formal education, but through years of experience and through trade secrets often passed down from mentor to apprentice. These secrets allow the artisan to perform graceful movements with their hands to create one masterpiece after another, with the roughness of their hands remaining as true testaments to just how hard their work truly is. The work of an artisan is not something that is mechanically done. It is something that flows from each hand naturally, with the artisan pouring out his soul with every product.

Creating Artisan Videos

In creating these artisan videos, it is not at all about the finished product, or the face of the person featured. The main focus of an artisan video is the process involved. To give justice to the process being documented, each artisan video should be made with astounding sound design, flawless editing, and spectacular cinematography.

An artisan video should capture the passion and spirit that the craftsman is pouring out into the work, with dramatic emphasis on each sweat that falls, each nick and cut, each furrowed brow that shows determination and concentration. Artisan videos should open up each of your senses, allowing you to appreciate the hard work as you watch it through your eyes. It should allow you to feel the touch of each tool beneath your hands, and smell every scent that the artisan’s workplace may have. You should distinctly hear every sound of the machinery used, every pound of a hammer, every whir of a wheel. It should have the ability to give you the actual experience of being the artisan himself, giving you a bigger excitement at the finished product that is to come.

Appreciating Artisan Videos

Because the work that an artisan does is a work of art in itself, it should be appreciated just as much as the finished product. This is exactly what artisan videos do, capturing each detail of the process as master craftsmen. It allows people to truly appreciate where the things they enjoy came from, and sparks a renewed interest in things that did not really hold as much value until the hard work that leads to its existence is sent to the foreground.

Get your senses ready and know exactly what it takes to create perfection through the following artisan videos:

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