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Intermittent fasting deals with a particular pattern of food timings followed by a period of not consuming anything. This food pattern, however, does not regulate the items that should or should not be consumed during the process. Intermittent fasting has been in the market for a while now and has had a significant impact on the schedules of people from all over the world.

This has been reportedly used as an active method in weight reduction for people from all social and economic backgrounds, especially entrepreneurs. The following article deals with five prominent health benefits of intermittent fasting as seen in entrepreneurs.


#1. Better focus and concentration

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Intermittent fasting causes the development of new neuron cells which scientifically should have a positive impact on your brain health. Moreover, this process brings about an increase in the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a hormone.

The deficiency of this hormone has reportedly been the root cause of various malfunctioning of the brain including depression. This way it can be asserted that intermittent fasting can considerably improve your concentration power when done with proper medical consultation.


#2. Promotes weight loss

Intermittent fasting causes a lowered intake of carbohydrates and other calories which prompt the body to burn the stored calories. This way it helps in the breakdown of stored fat, thus reducing the cutaneous, subcutaneous, and blood cholesterol levels. The whole process assists in bringing about a drop in the weight of the individual.

The breakdown of stored fat also causes a fall in the appetite of the individual suppressing the want to intake calories. This is why intermittent fasting has been prominent among those who want to send some kilograms and aim to attain the desired health goals.


#3. Remedial to diseases like diabetes

For obvious reasons, as soon as there is a decrease in the levels of glucose and other carbohydrates consumption, the body also experiences a reduced level of blood sugar and hence, a low insulin level.

This, in turn, acts handy in keeping diabetes in check. Intermittent fasting has also been seen to serve as a reversal for type 2 diabetes. When done on short terms, this process can be useful in curing diabetes among a more significant part of the population.


#4. Increased levels of energy

Although a person might feel tired and hungry initially which gives rise to a mental state of hangriness, which is hunger and anger combined, intermittent fasting can prove to be helpful in improving energy levels in the later stages.

The body copes up to drawing energy from the stored cells instead of the regular calories in blood in the form of glucose by glycolysis.

This causes a rapid increase in the levels of energy during the later days. However, the individual must get back to the regular food pattern as soon as the fasting period is over to restore the energy levels.

Thus, it becomes imperative to have a thorough discussion with your health expert if you’re planning to implement this process. Any dietary changes need to be certified from a professional medical practitioner before you incorporate them into your lifestyle.


#5. Increase in the levels of GH

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Growth hormone plays an integral part in the development of the body. It is also seen that growth hormone causes a reduction in insulin levels of the blood and increased metabolic rates.

Short term fasting, commonly known as intermittent fasting can cause a hike in the levels of GH due to the breakdown of stored protein in muscles which helps in the better functioning of the body when done for regulated periods of time.

Lack of growth hormone in the body can be covered up with a well thought out use of this kind of fasting. However, you need to research about aspects of intermittent fasting and figure out whether it could pave a way to the betterment of your body.

It is vital to understand that any fasting method can only provide fruitful results when implemented after a detailed discussion with your doctor. Make sure you don’t miss out any doubts regarding intermittent fasting while consulting with your health practitioner whether it could be suitable for your body type or not.



While on the one hand, it is seen that intermittent fasting has a number of proven health benefits– one also needs to consider the fact that too much of anything can’t be good. Same is the case for fasting, this should not be confused for starving.

Short term fasting should be done only with medical supervision of an expert and all sorts of extreme health conditions should be taken into consideration. People suffering disorders like underweight, anorexia or pregnant women should avoid this method.

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