Making the right choices for your business can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what different options are out there. Server hosting in particular is one area which many businesses know little about – so what type of hosting is the best for your business?

Shared server hosting

Servers are designed to host your business website and without a server your site won’t be accessible on the internet. This makes it an essential component of e-commerce and traditionally most small and medium business choose shared server hosting because it is the cheapest option.

Shared server hosting stores several different websites on one server. These use one type of software and operating system and mean numerous businesses are competing for a finite number of resources.

Should I choose shared server hosting?

If you want to spend as little as possible then this type of hosting could be for you. There are disadvantages however, with technical problems more likely. If you do have a problem it could be difficult to get a quick and adequate response from the server owner due to the number of businesses using the service and you won’t have any choices regarding operating systems and software either.

Dedicated server hosting

This is the type of hosting usually chosen by large conglomerates with extremely large and complex websites. The method allows one site to be hosted on one server, which means the site owner decides what software to use and has easy access to help should there be a problem.

Should I choose dedicated server hosting?

Unless you have a huge and highly complex website you don’t really need dedicated server hosting. It’s the most expensive form of hosting and for small and medium businesses it doesn’t offer enough advantages to make the cost justifiable.

Virtual private hosting

This hosting system is fast becoming the most popular because it offers all the advantages of a dedicated server at a fraction on the cost. Your site will be hosted on a server with others but each site is separate so owners have a choice over operating systems and software. It’s more reliable than shared server hosting and is much cheaper than dedicated hosting.

Should I choose virtual private hosting?

If you want all the advantages of a dedicated server but at a fraction of the cost then this could be the choice for you. You’ll be able to choose the software you want and your site won’t be affected by problems on another site. This makes vps (Virtual Private Server) hosting the most reliable and cost effective option for small and medium sized businesses.

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