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If you are a creative type, chances are you have heard about Kickstarter, an online funding platform that transforms dreams into reality and everyday folks into bona fide patrons. The widely successful crowdfunding site has always been fun to explore, but with such a wide array of projects, you easily could miss some truly exciting endeavors.

Enter Fundhaus, formerly known as KickStumbler, a site and toolbar that allows you to “stumble upon” projects that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. This is not only good for projects and patrons alike, but it is also widely addictive. For those new to the world of Kickstarter, it provides a more dynamic introduction to the site and may even inspire those who had not used Kickstarter before to give it a whirl.

If perusing the exhaustive amount of projects spurs you to propose your own endeavor, you should browse on over to the Kickstarter School which will guide you through the entire process in eight straightforward lessons. Think you do not need the primer before jumping in? Trust me, you do. Kickstarter may be on track to distribute over $150 million dollars this year, which is more than the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) 2012 fiscal budget of $146 million, but actually receiving that funding is easier said than done. The Kickstarter School, Project Guidelines, and Style Guide contain essential information about formulating, funding, and finishing your project.

One important thing to remember is that Kickstarter operates on an all-or-nothing funding model. So, if you only raise half or even if your just one small donation away from your goal when your deadline arrives, your project will not be funded. As discouraging or frightening of a prospect that may be, use it as motivation to propel your project forward. Do not make the mistake of thinking once you launch your project, you simply need to sit back and watch your funding accumulate. You must actively promote your project and keep your supporters engaged in its development with updates. If you are highly motivated and put the time in, you will greatly decrease the chances of all your work being for naught.

While this is an online enterprise, do not shy away from introducing your project to others through offline activities like pledge parties and meetups.  That personal connection not only fosters enthusiasm but also provides a truly collaborative environment where you can discuss your project in real-time. Answering questions, accepting suggestions, and exchanging ideas will add another dimension to your project and enrich your overall experience. As effective as social networking is, nothing beats the authentic interactions which occur during in-person conversations.

Of course the key to a rewarding Kickstarter experience is building an exceptional project that engages the community’s imagination. As important as it is to dream big and think different, for your first foray, consider starting small. No matter how many guides and tips you read, nothing will be as instructive as actually going through the experience. Chances are there will be things you wish you had done differently and you can apply those lessons to your future endeavors.

Most creative people have a number of projects percolating in their minds. All are dear to their heart and important, but there is always one that means more than the rest. Save that for your second or third attempt, and choose one that is equally compelling but more modest in scale. This will not alter the amount of work you will need to put into your project. You will still need to devote considerable time and energy to articulating, promoting, and fully realizing your concept, but a more achievable goal will allow you to acclimate yourself to this new world and ensure your final product is of the highest quality.

Whether you actually launch a project, fund someone else’s, or simply entertain yourself with Funhaus aka KickStumbler, there is a lot to like about Kickstarter. It is a platform that helps people transform their ideas into a reality and reminds us of the importance of creativity. It nourishes our souls, opens our minds, and transforms our world. Sometimes we lose sight of that, but Kickstarter is a powerful reminder that creativity is what makes this world an exceptional and worthwhile place to be.

Funhaus, Formerly Known As KickStumbler, Is A Dynamic Introduction To The Crowdfunding Site Kickstarter, & May Inspire You To Transform Your Dreams Into Reality. The Online Space is Growing with new Start-ups by the Moment, Be Sure to Keep on top of the Latest Online Marketing Trends.

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