The first step you need to take in order to increase your presence in public is to increase your influence by leaps and bounds. A greater influence means that you will have a better chance of spreading your material in addition to attracting more viewers. There are several ways through which you can do this. For example, you can opt to maintain a blog or create a product site which will enable prospective clients locate you with relative ease. You can also opt to add public surveys as well as relevant and interesting information that draw more and more people to either your blog or site.

The social media is the best way through which you can attract more attention. Social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or MySpace can greatly assist you in increasing your presence online.


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You can use Facebook to boost your career and get online reviews. You can do this by posting helpful and interesting links on your wall. The more people are exposed to these links, the more they will want to share the links with their friends. This more social attention your link receives more, the higher the social reviews results you will get. You need to exercise extreme caution when using Facebook as a way for hunting for jobs.  Regulate your confidential settings so that you can have some control in regards to who is viewing your profile.


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With around two hundred and twenty five millions operators, doing 65 million tweets a day and managing over 800,000 hunt requests per day (as of May 2011), Twitter is the best tool to utilize when looking for a means to increase your presence online. According to a recent study, there are roughly 150 million tweets on a typical day. Given that different types of people use Twitter, you can not only influence it, but be influenced by it.


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How about a way of boosting your career where your opinions and thoughts matter a lot? Blogging is one way of making your thoughts known to other people and have other people responds to your published thoughts provided that they find them fascinating. Blogging can assist you in enhancing your social reviews in spite of what sector you are in, for example, government, fitness care, advertising or style.

Through blogging, you get the opportunity to express your feelings. There are numerous blogging sites that you can utilize for this purpose free of charge, for instance, WordPress and Tumbler Blogger. While blogging, look for topics that are of interest to you plus industry. This way, you can actively engage others since you will know what you are blogging about. If you are thinking of blogging as a means of increasing the presence of your business online, it is highly recommended that you update your blog at least twice on a weekly basis. Make sure that your bog contains something fresh which your readers will find interesting.

You can make your blog known to other people by including the URL as part of the signature line when sending emails. Moreover, if you have a business card you can add the URL of your blog as part of the information. The same applies when preparing your curriculum vitae. The good thing about blogging is that most companies are interested in knowing and understating your thoughts in regards to work. This in turn shows your prospective employers what you can bring to the table which other prospective employees cannot.

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