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Lil Xan’s Net Worth (Updated 2023)

Last Updated on January 24, 2023

Who is Lil Xan?

Great Rappers are made, not born. The industry has evolved over the years, giving rise to some very iconic names who have overcome all the challenges and managed to stand out. The rap industry isn’t exactly newcomer friendly, but technology has made it easier for up-and-comers to reach a wider audience. Such was the route taken by Nicholas Diego Leanos, better known by his stage name, ‘Lil Xan.’

Those who may not be familiar with the SoundCloud rapper turned YouTube sensation, fear not! I am here to help.
As a photographer, Rap wasn’t always in the picture for Xan. He preferred to photograph his friends who happened to be rappers. But the theft of said camera quickly changed the narrative. Xan rose to fame thanks in part to his hit single ‘Betrayed.’ The most significant factor, however, was the release of the music video for Betrayed on YouTube.

This video currently has a jaw-dropping 147 million views! And it’s easy to understand why after watching it myself. The video definitely passes the vibe check.

His single then exploded, peaking at number 64 on the billboard hot 100. Xan rode the waves of fame. In a later interview, he announced the release of his first studio album, “Total Xanarchy.” In December of 2017, he also announced a music tour he dubbed the Xanarchy Tour to promote the coming studio album, which sold out in five hours!

It’s easy to see why with famous names like Swae Lee and Diplo on the album.
The tour and the release of “Total Xanarchy” met moderate success, with the album debuting at number ten on the Billboard 200.

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Quick Facts

Full Name: Nicholas Diego Leanos
Popular Name: Lil Xan
Gender: Male
Birth Date: September 7, 1996
Age: 26 years
Parents: Adrian Leanos, Candy Sue Williams
Siblings: Rob Leanos
Birth Place: Redlands, California
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Mexican-American
Education: Redlands East Valley Highschool
Marital Status: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wife/Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
Dating: N/A
Net Worth: $3 million
Source of Wealth: Music
Height: 5ft8 (1.73m)
Weight: 60kg (132lbs)

Early Life and Career Information

Nicholas Diego Leanos was born in Redlands, California, to Adrian Leanos and Candy Sue Williams. He was raised by his mother, who couldn’t always provide. The pair were pretty poor, and Xan lived in motels for most of his childhood. His mother made sure he got the chance to learn despite their living situation. Xan attended Redlands East Valley High School until his freshman year.

The reason behind his choice to drop out is unknown. What is known is that Xan spent several years at home, unemployed until he finally took a job as a street cleaner. He has also divulged that he sold drugs on the side while working his cleaning job.

Xan has been open about his aversion to drugs, specifically Xanax. He has spoken about his struggle with the anti-depressant, and many speculate that he came into contact with the controversial substance during his drug pushing stint.

After this dark period, Xan took up an interest in photography, hoping to make a career out of it. He decided to use his rapper friends as inspiration and would often take his trusty camera to their concerts. His camera was stolen from the DJ’s booth at one of such concerts, thereby ending his short-lived dream. A shocking turn of events, if you ask me. Who steals a camera from a concert?

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Xan didn’t have the money to replace his stolen camera at the time and decided to give rapping a shot instead. His rise to fame was slow but steady as he took to platforms like Sound Cloud and YouTube to gain traction in the rap sphere.

Xan later released his debut single “Betrayal,” which put his music out there in many ways when paired with a fantastic music video. The YouTube video alone hit an impressive 147 million views. I decided to watch the video, and I understand all the hype. The blend of the sound of visuals is phenomenal!

His single peaked at number 64 on the billboard hot 100, and he decided to ride the traction into his first and so far, only released studio album, “Total Xanarchy.” Lil Xan didn’t stop there! He and his label organized a music tour that began in Vancouver, Canada, and traveled through North America before concluding at Sayreville.

His career hasn’t been smooth sailing, though, as Xan has been a part of many controversies from his relationship life to various promises surrounding the release of a follow-up studio album. The rapper has announced that a new album is ready, but we are yet to hear about a release date.

Lil Xan’s Net Worth

Xan has had quite the rise to fame. The rapper has focused on music and hasn’t revealed any other lucrative ventures publicly. Despite this and the fact that he has only dropped a single studio album alongside a few mixtapes, he is shockingly worth a crazy sum of $3 million! This is especially impressive given his background.

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A lot could change in the coming year. With an album hot and ready to ship out, the number could easily double in that period. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Lessons from the Life of Lil Xan

Drugs Aren’t the Answer

Lil Xan has been open about his aversion to drugs and his struggle with Xanax, a popular anti-depressant. He has gone on quite a few shows to talk about how his stint with the drug started out as a prescription for his crippling anxiety and quickly escalated over time.

“It was just that moment, you know. If I keep doing this, I’m gonna die soon.”

It took the rapper about two years to get clean, a testament to what can be achieved with determination.

Always be Willing to Try Something New

As we’ve seen, Xan went through a lot to get to where he is today. While he wasn’t motivated initially, his willingness to get up and try street cleaning got him started. He was also willing to give photography a good shot before switching to rap. We have no idea what life has in store for us, but we won’t get there if we aren’t willing to step out of our comfort zones and try new things.

Anxiety needs to be Addressed

“I can do a show for thousands of people, and I won’t have a drop of anxiety. But the minute I’m in a closed environment, it could just be the most random thing would just set me off.” ~Xan

Life is unpredictable, a fact that terrifies quite a few people. Sudden anxiety can’t always be explained, but it is clearly a problem. It’s powerful enough to stop people from living, and ignoring the problem won’t make it disappear.