The only thing you can do to keep up with this 21st century world is to change as the world changes. Seriously, the change nowadays is rapid, and not only when it comes to technology, but also in other aspects. Just look at the art that was made a hundred years ago and you will see that the difference is huge. Many people claim that art is now less important and that we generally focus on more material things and money, but the truth is, we are surrounded by art all the time, we are just not aware of it.

For example, when you look at the beautiful building across the street, that is a form of art – architecture. Architecture can be pretty amazing, and architects today come up with millions of different ways to build new houses, flats, etc. But now you might wonder: how can you change yourself to keep up with all the change that’s happening?

Well, you can first try to accept all the new ideas that the modern world brings, and thus call yourself a modern man. But the change I want to talk about is of an external nature. To be more concrete, I want to talk about the change you should make in your home to keep up with the 21st century. The thing is, I will not talk about the technological changes but rather about an artistic one. To be more concrete, I am going to talk about the usage of tiles to create the perfect environment.

A little something called decoration can change your subconscious

Interior Design

Well, as the title says, the place where you reside can very often alter your mood, or even impact some of the very important decisions you make in your life. Your home can also tell you a lot more about yourself, even your deepest secrets, but that is a topic for some other discussion. All you need to know is that people sometimes unconsciously arrange their furniture in order to make them feel better. I like to cover my walls with different post modernistic paintings, but the thing that caught my mind recently was this new way of tile usage.

Namely, some people started combining tiles from their bathrooms to make mosaics of different kinds and then putting them to cover their walls in, such as, the bedroom. I did a little research on the net, and found out that there are people, whom I can freely call artists, who do this kind of service. There are different types of tiles, some of which do not even resemble the ordinary tiles that you see each day when you are brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Many materials are used and the possibilities are infinite. Let me tell you a thing or two about how each of these materials can impact you and your decisions, and what impression will your guests have when they see these tiles and the mosaics made from them.

A strong will with nerves of steel

The first material that caught my eye was stainless steel. I never saw it possible to make tiles out of steel, and whoever did that has my utmost respect. The tiles themselves look very ordinary when they are separated, however, when combined into a mosaic, they give away this very stylish look, and they simply represent you as a modern person. So, if you want your change to go that way and adapt yourself to the modern art as fast as you can, I recommend you to take stainless steel tiles.

Steel is a material that swords and all kinds of weapons were made of, and therefore it can impact you in a way that you will become more choleric, and your decisions will be very well planned and very effective. However, stainless steel can also sometimes make your nerves calmer when you are angry, because it also gives off the feeling of tranquility when you look at it. Stainless steel tiles can last for a very long time, and you don’t have to spend too much time cleaning them and generally maintaining them. However, make sure that the steel does not come in touch with acidic food, which can leave a bad mark on it.

Glass that reflects your ideas that shine


Another type of tiles are glass tiles. It is even more unbelievable to me that tiles can be made of glass, and the persons who made them deserve Nobel Prize (I am exaggerating). Glass tiles are not even fragile as they look, and they reflect the sunshine beautifully. They can cheer you up in the morning and sing a moonlight sonata to you before you go to bed. But their reflection is not their primary feature.

Their primary feature is their simplicity and ability to combine with other tiles (most common tile combination seen includes glass and steel). The best mosaics are made when tiles are combined, and  glass tiles should always be included in those combinations because they give them a bit of transparency and break the monotony of non-transparent materials. Speaking of transparency, glass can make you become a warmer person who enjoys having a lot of friends around and who generally enjoys life.

A stubborn stone upon stone

You probably know of stone tiles, and their ability to fit into every kind of environment. Stone mosaics can look beautiful even in old cottages where there is no decoration at all. Stone can make you stand firm on the ground and defend your attitudes, thus making you a very influential person. I am not going to talk about stone as a material, since I’m sure that you already know all about it.

To sum up, you should definitely consider mosaics made of tiles, if you want to make some significant change in your life because one of the most powerful things that will make you change yourself is your surroundings. If you change your surroundings, you will definitely change in the way you see fit.

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