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If you are like any other coffee lover, there’s probably not one single day that goes by without you indulging in at least a cup of your favorite hot beverage.

And once you have become quite the expert in different aromas, you may want all the coffees you drink to provide you with that specific, authentic taste you have come to know and love.

However, this means that each month, quite a significant part of your paycheck goes to different coffee shops, which is not at all convenient or practical. Have you considered brewing your own hot beverage right at home?

It might seem difficult to obtain the same quality as a barista is able to, but with a few tricks up your sleeve, you’ll conclude that making great coffee at home isn’t impossible, but on the contrary, quite easy. Here are the tips you should be aware of on the subject:


Picking coffee beans

Close up of coffee beans

You’ll never get that special, original coffee aroma is you are using already grinded beans or coffee pods when you are preparing this type of beverage at home, this is why you should always, without any exceptions, choose to work with coffee beans.

However, the taste will depend entirely on your choice in this department. Higher end beans are usually found in the Arabica category, and the lower quality alternative, Robusta, which might be cheaper, but usually doesn’t benefit from such a great taste, so it’s best if you invest a bit more money and choose beans that fall within the Arabica category.

The taste will be far smoother, and you have far more flavor options. The market holds an impressive selection of Arabica beans, and you need to do your research on them before buying. Search for a local coffee roaster that provides you with the right purchase opportunities.

Because each coffee drinker has their own personal preferences in this department, you could try out different options before finding one you would like to stick to. Find out which are the most popular and qualitative beans found at your local market, get a few bags of each, and try them out.

You might be lucky and come across some coffee beans that provide you with exactly the aroma and taste you were seeking from the first try, but if not, you have plenty of alternatives you discover. The key factor you need to focus on when shopping for beans is the roast level.


The gear used is crucial – invest in the right coffee maker

Even the best of baristas won’t be able to prepare the perfect cup of coffee if they don’t have at their disposal a proper machine. Equipment is essential in this situation, and with the increased variety of options today’s market has, you need to be careful when you are buying your gear.

To brew and grind coffee beans like an actual pro, you should seek a coffee maker that comes with great reviews and has all the right features incorporated. Because we are talking about an authentic taste, those machines that work with pods aren’t exactly a good fit, even if they might be convenient and easy to use.

The options you should direct your attention towards are the ones that incorporate a grinder. These will provide you with that aroma and scent that you probably love. If you want to experiment with various espresso consistencies, choose a maker with adjustable grind size – this way you can play around with different beverage thickness.

A digital temperature control would also be an useful feature to seek, so you can monitor the water temperature in a simple manner and thus get that ideal cup each and every time. Choose a coffee maker that is also easy to clean and maintain, because you probably don’t want to spend a lot of time taking care of the machine.

If you know someone who works as a barista you can ask them to point you towards a model or a brand, but always make sure to read an accurate and detailed review of the product before deciding to purchase it, just to be certain you are spending your money wisely.


Adding water

Because the water is an important ingredient in the entire coffee making process, make sure to use only what it’s safe to drink. Even if you might be putting tap water into the coffee maker, it should be filtered out – use the water you are usually drinking, and you should be safe.

Avoid putting in boiled water, which might affect the consistency of the coffee in the end. Let it cool down for a minute or two, the ideal temperature being somewhere around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Water that is too cold isn’t a good option as well, because it will leave your coffee tasting bland and flat.


Taste testing before cream and sugar

Make high-quality coffee at home using these barista-approved tips 3

Once you get the coffee out from the coffee maker and into your cup, you’ll probably want to add a bit of cream and sugar, depending on your personal preferences, but before rushing to do that, some taste testing is advised.

Because cream and sugar usually dilute the authentic aroma of the coffee, once you are using a professional coffee maker, you might discover that you might not even need these two ingredients. And even if you do, to avoid ruining your delicious hot beverage with too much sugar or cream, taste it before adding them.



As you can see, enjoying a delicious cup of coffee can be possible even without visiting your local coffee shop on a daily basis. Brewing your own coffee at home is not only more convenient (you can enjoy a cup whenever you feel like it), but it will also save you quite a lot of money if you do the math on how much you are currently spending on bought coffee.

These tips will allow you to benefit from the same authentic, high-quality taste without dealing with any complications, so use them to your advantage and become your own personal barista, it can be that easy.

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