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The sad reality is that 1 in 3 start-up businesses fail in the first three years. So how do you ensure that your small business stands out above market competitors to make failure not an option? Check out our top tips for making your business stand out from the crowd ensuring you stay on the track to success…

Be Bold, Not Boring

Whilst conventional marketing strategies have carved the way for the biggest of businesses in past generations, today’s marketing tactics have to be bolder than usual. Start-up capital is notoriously thin on the ground so it pays to be creative anyway you can to put your business on the map for the long haul.

Enter the Digital Marketing World


Building a strong presence online is an instrumental way of creating a name for yourself and is often an area where traditional rivals may have failed to impress. Many companies spend big budgets on building their profile online and reaching their core demographic digitally, giving creative start-ups the edge.

Make a splash via social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ and become known for great infographics instead of generic posts. Infographics are a visual, sharable wonder and getting the topic of your infographic right will lead to it going viral across various blogs and social media channels, and in turn, grow your online audience in an instance. Digital magazines also work well when growing an online following, make your magazine free to subscribe to and publish a monthly edition that encapsulates what your brand is about as well as giving readers what they want.

Liaise with Industry Influencers

Your website and social media platforms are the perfect platform to launch your products and services, so why not do this in star-studded style! Contact industry influencers for interviews, whether that be professionals or celebrities at the top of their game in your niche, and publish the finished piece on your on-site blog. Affiliating with these influencers means you get access to their fans or followers as well as create a great, sharable piece that is admired by consumers and competitors alike.

Whilst securing a celebrity or industry leader interview may require plenty of persistence (you may have to encounter quite a lot of rejection before you get that ‘yes’), getting a recognizable figure to appear on your website can pay dividend no end in the long run and portray a brand that is truly trusted.

Shower Them with Gifts

Everybody loves a freebie and giveaways are a great way to get ahead and win the trust and custom of potential customers as well as drive traffic to your website. You don’t have to spend a fortune either; even the cheapest and quirkiest gifts work a charm!

Become THE Expert

Portraying yourself as an expert in your field is a useful tool in every start-up’s arsenal and producing articles, videos or podcasts that play on your expertise is a great place to start. This also helps you gain influence not just with customers but with other businesses in your marketplace, who may approach you for advice or comment on the hot topics in your niche, again gaining extra publicity for you and your brand.

Running workshops can also help consolidate your status as an expert, webinars can be held online for no cost at all, whilst local or regional workshops allow you to come face-to-face with your customers. Workshops can also grab the attention of local or regional press, who are always looking for a local hero and prosperous start-up company to portray on the pages of their publication.

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