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For those looking to break into careers in the tech industry, a vital online presence is a key factor in securing a job. Whether you are a motion graphics specialist, photographer, graphic designer, or an aspiring freelance blogger; a personal website demonstrating your skills and abilities will impress employers exponentially more than a boring Word document resume. A well-built personal website will show your dedication to the field you are perusing and also show your commitment to hard work. Here are some basic tips if you are new to building a presence for yourself online.

Keeping it Simple

If you are a graphic or web designer, then you are already familiar with the importance of keeping a clean and simple creative piece. The effective use of “white space” on a website will let allow visitors to view the most important information first.

If you are a motion designer, you will want to showcase your expertise in programs such as Flash and AfterEffects. Creating a quick motion graphics introduction and building a simple and easily navigable Flash website will leave a lasting impression on creative directors.


If you are just looking to start your own personal blog for musings, writings, and rants; a basic hosting service will be more than enough to store your basic HTML files. While it is important to keep good design

For aspiring photographers and graphic artists, there are several different portfolio websites available for free if you are willing to add the websites extension to your domain name. Sites like DeviantArt and Creative Public are excellent for college students and entry-level designers, but a well-designed HTML and CSS page is

If you are a motion graphics designer, it will be important for employers to view your larger projects in full detail. Purchasing a more powerful server hosting plan with a more advanced options package will ensure your audience gets an optimal viewing experience while giving you enough room to upload all of the rich media files

Marketing Yourself

A very important part of finding a career in the tech field is getting your name out in the field and networking. The use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are excellent places to gain an insight into how different agencies work and how they represent themselves to the public. It is also a good strategy to create a business card with a QR code so employers can easily scan your information on a smartphone and view it at their earliest convenience.

Large agencies like Momentum Worldwide might have large HR departments to get ahold of, but smaller firms like AtomicDust are very personable and easy to reach through social networking. Do research about the different types of agencies and apply to those which are a good match for your personality and skills.

Purchasing a Domain Name

It is also important to purchase a domain name that is unique and simple to remember. There are several factors that might make it difficult for potential employers or clients to find your work online such as:

  • a name that is difficult to spell or pronounce
  • too many hyphens or other punctuation
  • a domain that is too long or contains too many

There are many options and alternatives to finding a portfolio that fits your particular needs, but there is no wrong or right answer for creating. When left to your own creative instincts you should be able find the perfect site that represents you and your work as a motion graphic designer; which is why you are trying to get into the creative world in the first place.

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Posted by Jessica Wagner

This guest post was written by Jess Wagner, a freelancer writer living in San Diego, California.

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