Around 80% of adults experience some sort of back pain at some point in their lives and for many others, this spinal pain is a chronic and lifelong condition. Spinal problems such as persistent back pain can also be a leading contributor of early mortality and poor health among people.

Back pain is probably one of the hardest medical conditions to cure, and the only way a person may get relief (apart from pain killers) is by getting enough sleep and rest, which is only possible if they have the right type of mattress for their spine.


How Does a Mattress Affect Your Spine?

If the mattress is not right for your spine, the chances are that you can actually aggravate your spinal condition and end up with poor sleep, waking up lethargic and cranky with aches and pains.

It has been reported that the most common reason for back pain is usually occupational strain, injury, sleeping on uneven or hard surfaces or a combination of the above. Even if you do not have back pain now, it is good to take care of the spine at an early age so that it can go a long way and save you from issues later.


The Best Mattress for Spinal Problems

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The best and most obvious way to get rid of back pain is to sleep on a mattress which does not give any pain and provides comfort and relief. The mattress should be such that it is able to conform to the shape of the person’s spine, which is different for each individual. This helps relieve pressure from the spinal discs.


What Should You Look For in a Mattress?

If you are looking for a right firmness mattress for your spinal that can help alleviate the pain, you must consider these three important attributes which the mattress must have:

  1. It should be able to provide spinal alignment
  2. It should give your back proper support
  3. It should have pressure point relief

These factors mentioned above address the pain associated with the upper and lower back as well as neck and shoulder pains. You must also consider using a back support which aids in pain relief.


Consult Your Doctor

The most crucial factor that you must consider is consulting your doctor and finding out the cause of your neck or back pain. You need to ask your doctor for a recommendation for a mattress that is ideal for your situation. Even though a doctor may not be an expert on mattresses, they might be able to guide you on what factors or features to look for.


Test the Mattress First

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The best way to see whether a mattress works for you and if it is helpful in solving or preventing back pain is to test it first. Do a sleep trial for a whole month and if you do not find the mattress suitable, return it and find something else that helps ease the pain.


Is Firm Mattress the Best?

According to Professor Dr Janko Popovic, who is a renowned orthopedic, the adage of “a firm mattress is best” is a myth. He suggests that medical opinion has changed in recent years and now, they recommend mattresses which are not too hard but are able to provide sufficient comfort and support while sleeping and help alleviate pain.


Buy the Right Mattress

You must get the right medically approved mattress for your spine, and you will surely see the results. You should shop at a store which specializes in such mattresses so that you have a variety to choose from and expert salespeople to guide you. Do not fall for sales trick as many mattress companies claim to be orthopedic but are actually not.


How the Right Spinal Mattress Helps

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Choosing the right mattress which is good for your spinal health would eventually give you better sleep. If you wake up feeling energetic and refreshed, it means you had a good sleep the night before as a lack of sleep can make a person disoriented and cranky. A good night’s sleep will keep your mood elevated, your motivation high and your health in good shape.



You do not have to wait for your spinal problem to persist or to turn into chronic back pain. It is better to act now and invest in the right mattress for your spinal health that is able to reduce your back pain and help you sleep better.

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