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If you’re a young or new entrepreneur, your top priority should be learning from business leaders in your field. How you go about it differs from individual to individual. Some attend business schools, read upon biographies and interviews, attend conferences, or network with like-minded people. The lucky ones are blessed with a mentor who guides them and prepares them for the invariable struggles and success.

There are many tools you can use to teach yourself business skills and techniques. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs who manage startups and small businesses do not leverage the benefits of the online world. The internet is a beautiful machine which provides ample resources at your finger tips, and more often that not completely free.

An entrepreneur who isn’t interested in traditional approaches of enhancing their business and leadership abilities can try a different resource. This resource resonates a lot more with the younger generation as it is an integral part of their social lives. Older men and women who are hesitant should definitely try this medium and use it to enhance their business.

What resource are we talking about? YouTube videos. You may snort at what some consider a junk pile or hobbyist zone. However, Youtube doesn’t only consist of cat videos. A careful vetting of the site will result in finding you business mastery gems. There are Youtube channels covering almost any kind of niche you can possibly imagine. One of those niches is entrepreneurship.

To make your life easier, today we collected ten high quality YouTube channels for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The tips and resources you’ll learn from these channels are guaranteed to cater to your business needs. Feel free to check out the Youtube channels and subscribe to whichever please you the most. As an entrepreneur, you never stop learning. So during your time-off, get a leg up on your competition by watching videos from successful leaders.

Google Business


Get business lessons from the search engine and technology master Google. Through their video channel you’ll be able to watch highly valuable videos about business solutions, marketing tips, video ad campaign tips, and techniques to utilize Google Analytics and G+ effectively. They have a growing subscriber base of 6,700 viewers.

Harvard Business Publishing


This YouTube channel publishes what they call “ideacasts.”  These videos focus on practical business tools, resources, and insights to help current and new entrepreneurs. They have a subscriber base of almost 66,000, providing interviews with prominent authors, businessmen, and Harvard professors who touch upon issues affecting the markets.

Marie TV


With over 46,000 subscribers, this YouTube channel provides entrepreneurs with tips on productivity, empowerment, and prosperity. Marie is a business guru who aims to help entrepreneurs create and nurture a business they love. She provides weekly question and answers videos, entrepreneur interviews, and expert advice.

This week in Startups


This channel is the brainchild of Jason Calacanis and has over 37,000 subscribers.  This entrepreneur uses guest experts to provide insights on a weekly basis. The team covers a range of topics mostly related to Silicon Valley and the technology industry. Interesting stories of web companies are interspersed with useful business and team motivation strategies.

Robin Sharma


Robin Sharma provides useful tips to small businessman with his video channel. These tips on leadership, motivation, and personal development can help entrepreneurs utilize their potential and grow their business.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich


Ramit Sethi, the New York Times bestselling author of the book I Will Teach You To Be Rich, owns this channel with a subscriber base of more than 13,000. Ramit provides simple, yet practical strategies on finance. His videos are chockablock with advice on savings, social, and interview skills.

Social Triggers


This channel is owned by Derek Halpern and has a subscriber base of 8,600. His videos are a series of how-to tutorials providing practical advice about social media and internet marketing. The lessons help entrepreneurs master necessary skills from the fields of marketing, human behaviour and psychology.

The Rise To The Top


This channel is the creation of David Garland. He creates videos that help online or media based entrepreneurs sell their content or service to grow their business. He interviews entrepreneurs in similar fields who give useful advice on business strategies and goals.

Link Humans


This video channel helps small businessmen master social media skills. The videos provide them with strategies on social media and training techniques. They provide link building information on twitter, LinkedIn, and broadcast interviews with other entrepreneurs.

Pamela Sim


Pamela is the author of Escape from Cubicle Nation and an entrepreneur coach. She offers important business tips and advice through her videos on her Youtube channel.

The tips and strategies from these business channels are bound to boost your business and help you grow as an entrepreneur. We realize that there are numoros Youtube channels which we might have overlooked. If you believe we’ve missed a great resource, feel free to lea us know in the comment section below.

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