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It seems that everyone is obsessed with trends now. At the end of each year, we discuss the new tendencies of web design and ways of making our website look better and be more appealing. You can find hundreds of posts telling you about how someone used a black background or hidden navigation and it worked. You immediately think that you should do the same to get to the top one day. The problem is that everybody else who has seen these posts will think exactly the same. As the result, you get an endless number of similar websites trying to fulfill the users’ needs.

To create a relevant product, you have to keep track of all the recent changes and innovative solutions. Creating a website that is going to break through the constant buzz of the same grids and fonts is the problem of not only a designer, but numerous analysts, researchers, and clients as well.

They might tell you that using an extreme approach you’re suggesting is going to scare some part of the target audience of and turn your site into a total disaster. Nobody wants that to happen and, therefore, you think that it’s better to be on the safe side and use the approach that has already been tested by someone else. And then we all get annoyed by the enormous quantity of websites with the same design and content. It’s about time we stopped this.

Annoying Trends Are Killing the Creativity

Let’s look our enemy in the eye. What has turned the art of web design into an ordinary process of copying and pasting?

Parallax scrolling

At first, it really was a great way of making the site look lively and innovative. It isn’t anymore. Now that everyone else is using it, it’s boring and has a serious disadvantage of taking too long for the page to load.

Hidden navigation

Although it’s a convenient way of presenting your site’s menu, there’s no need in using it every single time. If you do everything right, no menus will make a page look messy and overloaded with information.

Boring and low-quality content

The impossible quest of finding a really good article with interesting and useful information has become an everyday reality. Most of the writers don’t put any effort into creating something a reader will find helpful. They are paid for advertising a particular product and that’s what they do. No creativity, no originality. Just rewritten posts over and over again.

Ghost buttons

They create clean design without any distractions and don’t make the navigation too distracting for the users. Let’s forget about these arguments and focus on some more essential points. It’s not the ghost buttons that people like about your website, for sure. It’s the approach you take to present the information.


If your site has appealing content and offers something useful, there’s no need in distracting the users with constant popups asking them to register. They will do it anyway. Just make the ‘register’ button visible enough.

Start Being Different

What can you do then? Be different and stand out. That statement might sound too beaten but just take a moment to think about it. As a designer, your task is to create something unique and nontrivial. But then they start telling you that the risks are too high and it’s better to stick to a well-known concept everybody seems to enjoy. At some point, you get tired of hearing this and decide to adapt your creativity to something everybody seems to enjoy. And that’s the point of no return.

It’s that time again when you need to turn to your creative nature. People pay attention to something different and novel. As soon as we start noticing that something everywhere we go, it stops being novel and we stop paying attention to it. Be inventive and bring something fresh to the web design development. Let’s start the era of risky design and stop being on the safe side.

Examples of Fresh and Risky Web Design

Here are some examples that can grab the attention and spark people’s interest.



This site demonstrates an amazingly comprehensive and fresh way of explaining why you need their services and they’re the ones who can help you. Just a great idea and design that grabs your attention right away.

Feeding America


People love stories. The best way to interest them in something is to tell them a story they can relate to. That’s what you can see here. Nice graphic design that takes you through an ordinary day of four fictional characters is the main focus.


We are a marketing & design agency in Bournemouth Dorset who plan and implement integrated communications to improve your bottom line.

Marketing agencies have to be creative. Placing two grown men playing Piñata on the main page of your website will certainly show it to everyone who visits it. There’s no endless scrolling down or hidden navigation. It’s simply an interesting way of introducing yourself to the humanity.



You can feel yourself a little child playing with outstanding graphic elements. They promise you an endless creativity and you can feel they are not lying. The website is a demonstration of their portfolio. And it shouldn’t be anything else, really.

Animal Made

Animal Made

If your client has somewhat of an unusual approach to conducting the business that differs from the commonly excepted one, why not show it through a strange design? Speak a plain language with your prospective consumers and make it clear who your target audience is via eccentric graphic elements.


Panoply is a Creative Company. Crafting experiences for advertising, broadcast, digital and print.

Making every page of your website unique requires hard work and knowing the ultimate purpose of doing so. If you dare to do it someday, make sure all of the pages communicate a clear message and create the right mood.

Taking risks is always stressful. But the career of a creative person can’t exist without it. There’s nothing to be afraid of as long as you and your client are on the same page and feel certain about the chosen approach. Our task is to be creative and bring the necessary inspiration to those who keep doing the same boring things again and again.

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