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Alexis Marcou is an extremely talented illustrator from Greece. Graduating from Plymouth College of Art, he currently freelances for clients like Cisco, Hewlett Packard, and Nike. While racking up thousands of view on Behance, he has caught our attention. Today we would like to dedicate this article to him.

Marcou creates traditional fine arts pieces with a slight digital touch-up. Keeping the color scheme very monotone really adds to the overall composition and lets the talent shine through. His signature style is very geometric (scroll below to see what we mean). By using a wide range of watercolor sketches and illustrations, he strives to create fine contemporary art!

More than often, he shows the planning stage images on his portfolio. You can see that a simple idea goes through numerous revisions. Things like fading, tone, light, and shade play a huge role in the process. He loves what he does and creates outstanding work! No wonder corporate companies hire him on the regular.

Note: All Rights Reserved by Alexis Marcou


Commissioned work by Black Swan Life for Crusoe (Jagannath Textile Company Limited). Extreme Sports Designer Innerwear.


Noire, Ali Lagarde is a project inspired by Helmet’s new magazine that goes with the title “Black Milk” featuring, model Ali Lagarde and photographed by Ned Rogers. The Noire project is a completely new concept that experiments with a new illustration process combining real crystals and hand drawn design in a different level of realism.

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