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Because of this consumer-driven world we live in, we tend to associate technology with wealth. But as much as high-tech digital platforms are characterized by their economic aspect––as vehicles for buying and selling––they can just as readily be utilized for the more philanthropic task of giving. So while many charities still struggle to raise funds by traditional and increasingly anachronistic means, others have begun to take advantage of the unique opportunity offered by mobile technology to reach out to a younger generation and advance their causes in a more broad, efficient, and effective manner than has ever before been possible.

Here’s a look at today’s most innovative charity, fundraising, and community awareness apps available for the iPhone.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is an app that connects charities, corporate sponsors, and donors while at the same time promoting healthy living and eco friendly travel. Volunteers simply download the GPS-tracking app and press go. It monitors the miles you jog, walk, or bike, and the sponsors pledge up to 25 cents for every mile you commute. It is like a giant marathon for charity, only without any pre-determined schedule, distance, or course¬¬; and available to participants all around the globe.



This app is a great tool for organizing all of your favorite charities in one place: the palm of your hand. Donate, get the latest news updates, fundraise, and connect with other donors all in one place and at the touch of a button.



JustGiving is a hard app to categorize, but to call it a meta-charity is probably a fairly accurate characterization. Though not actually a charity itself, it is a platform that enables charities to expand and gain invaluable exposure. They provide networking and technological support for over 8,000 charities, facilitate corporate sponsorships, streamline contribution collections, build websites, and make charity sites mobile friendly. And their powerful app connects you to their extensive community and its myriad resources, even when you are on the go.


iHobo By Publicis London

An unquestionably eye-opening app; this download puts a virtual homeless person on your phone, and gives insight into the daily struggles of the millions around the world who go hungry and without shelter every day. Not only is iHobo a valuable tool for spreading awareness, it is also a provocative and jarring charity that forces people to stop and think about those who are less fortunate.

It is quickly becoming a cliché, but it really is true that for just about anything you can imagine, there is an app for that and it is particularly refreshing to see that this axiom also applies to tools for helping those in need. One of the most important benefits of the recent advancements in mobile technology is the ability to connect instantly with people all across the world. Of course, this is great when it comes to reconnecting with your old friend who lives thousands of miles away, but it also means that we have the framework necessary to reach out and help others, regardless of the geographical distances that divide us. These apps truly make the most of mobile technology.

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